With the current explosion of electronic dance music, Los Angeles has become the newest hot spot for nightlife and nightclubs and LALovesEDM.com is a new site that will document everything that is going on. The site just launched in November of 2013 and has already been seeing a lot of traction. 

“The goal of the site is to cover the nightlife culture from the peoples perspective” says Sergio Diazgranados, publisher and editor in chief. “While other sites cover a lot of music and tech stuff which is mainly geared toward men who want to become an artist or DJ, we truly want to cover the scene from a whole different angle and make it less about industry news and more about how people experience this culture. So many peoples lives are being changed by EDM and we want to document these experiences.” 

LA has always been a bastion of nightlife since the 1950’s. But with cities like Vegas, Miami, and New York being able to serve alcohol all night, Los Angeles has always taken a back seat to these other major markets. But with festivals such as Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival leading the way, LA has now become one of the top places to experience electronic dance music. 

“The city is currently looking into pushing back its curfews so that last call could potentially be 3 or 4am. When this happens, you will see this city become the true thriving metropolis it was intended to be.” 

The site will offer its readers not only up to date event and club info, but it will also offer a variety of guides on how to experience the EDM nightlife in LA, contests, weekly deals (save on last minute tickets), and users can buy tickets to events directly from their site. 

And to top it off, the LALovesEDM.com site will be partnering with many of the major promoters and producers in the city to keep the community up to date with everything that is happening so that people can plan accordingly for major events such as EDC and Coachella. 

To learn more visit: http://lalovesedm.com and http://lalovesedm.com/nightlife