North Virginia plumbers and everyone in the plumbing industry is excited this week. USA Business Insurance has just announced that owners of companies that cater to the plumbing industry will now have the chance to buy one policy that combines general liability insurance and business property insurance. Originally the package was only going to be available for plumbers exclusively, but now it has been amended to be available to anyone in the industry such as plumbing contractors, pipe fitters, gas appliance connectors, boiler installers and anyone else. 

Licensed north Virginia plumbers and other men and women in the plumbing service industry have specific needs and potential risks, so it is important that their insurance policies cater to their specific requirements. This new policy can be written for an individual business owner or a contractor with multiple employees. 

The General Liability or Plumber’s Business Insurance policy covers the usual liability insurance claims like legal fees and assessments but also various protection for inventory of parts, potential replacement of stolen items and other services needed for plumber tools and equipment. 

Herve, owner of the north Virginia plumbers HMS Plumbing is excited about this new development. “With all of these new changes, hopefully insurance companies across the nation will catch on. A plumber, like any other specific industry, has unique requirements that are just now being met, insurance is only the beginning.” 

Usually each state or local government will require a plumber working in the area to purchase a general liability insurance policy before they begin working in any home or commercial office. Each policy has limits from locations to location, but often the customer will require proof of the insurance policy. With this new policy offered by USA Business Insurance, hopefully other providers will start offering similar packages. 

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