New Review Guide Launched To Shed Information on Best Smokers

Bestsmokerz launches a review guide dedicated in listing down the best smokers available in the market through extensive in-house testing.

Online portal bestsmokerz has just launched a premium, full of information review guide for BBQ artisans looking to get their hands on the next best BBQ smoker or grill. The new guide aims to help both seasoned and new BBQ enthusiast to learn about the smoker market and make reliable decisions. The team at bestsmokerz has spent well over two years collecting information on BBQ smokers from around the world and listing them down in the review guide to help people make the right decisions. It includes industry reports on specific smokers, what experts say about them and their own in-house extensive testing results. is a tiny team of expert BBQ enthusiasts that have dedicated their free time in reviewing smokers from around the world. They love smoking their food and want you to fall in love with the art of smoking. For that, the team has created a resource based website where they occasionally write about and review electric smokers, pallet smokers, charcoal smokers, gas smokers detailing their performance and features as they go. Alongside detailed reviews and other smoking guides, the team also works hard in providing excellent tips for smoking and recipes to the BBQ community.

'’ We have finally launched a review guide that contains years and years of knowledge about smokers and their operation. Since there are so many smokers in the market these days with tons and tons of brands, a potential smoker is often found very confused when making the right decisions,’’ said Tom Schmidt, chief editor of bestsmokerz and seasoned BBQ enthusiast.

'’Our review guide lists down nearly every best smoking machine or grill out there and then reviews it extensively so the reader can understand and make a reliable decision according to their needs. We have been working really hard for over two years working with industry experts and reviewing the different functions and features of a distinct smoker market,’’ continues Schmidt.

Bestsmokerz Review guide will shed information on smokers by providing:

Detailed reviews — No decision is ever made without getting hands on review on the product. The same can be said about smokers. We understand that smokers are a onetime investment and such an investment requires careful decisions. This review guide aims to help you find the best smoker in the market.

Tips and solutions — since every smoker comes with their unique set of features, often times it can get confusing. A lot of smoker brands fail to add in detailed information about the unique features of their smokers. The review guide by bestsmokerz touch on these unique features and aims to help the users use these effectively.

Recipe recommendations — smoking recipes often depend on the kind of smoker you use. With the review guide, it should become very easy to understand the different recipes that work with specific smokers. There are tons of tips and tricks when it comes to getting the best taste out of a recipe, and that is exactly what this guide aims to deliver.

Smokers from around the world are urged to join the ever growing community at bestsmokerz for tips, reviews and general guidelines.

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