With the launch of their newest product, the loose leaf Tea Infuser mug, the innovative kitchen tool company Silibake is enjoying a warm reception from Amazon customers.
With higher than anticipated sales, the company is certain of its success with this new product.

The newest Silibake product, a special tea infuser glass with silicone incorporated right into the design, has exceeded all sales projections and has been incredibly well received by Amazon customers.

Only a short time into the launch of this new product, it’s already apparent that Silibake has another award-winning product in their product line. What was projected to be popular due to the special features that the design team had incorporated into the glass has blown up into something even more popular than expected. The results have caused surprise and delight from the highest levels of the Silibake company, reaffirming the approach the company has always stood for.

“Our goal is to fill the needs of our future customers and offer the best products and service at great prices without the hassle,” says Mike Monroe of the Silibake executive team. “It’s an approach that has not always been easy, especially as we work to incorporate the ideas and feedback of our customer base into reiterations of our products, but it is an approach that is extremely successful in the long run and one we will continue to use.”

A number of features could account for the extremely positive reception that the Silibake tea infuser strainer cup has enjoyed. With the incorporation of silicone in a decorative sleeve on the outside of a double walled glass, the new tea infuser not only allows customers to brew tea in the same glass that it is consumed from, but it keeps the drink hot, but hands holding it not. A lid that becomes a saucer for the infuser basket, which sports tiny holes to prevent the escape of loose leaf tea debris also makes this a very well loved product.

“And don’t forget the service that comes with every single Silibake product,” explains Monroe. “When customers choose to purchase from Silibake, they get our award winning customer happiness support and lifetime satisfaction guarantee as well, which can make a good product so much better.”

Customers already rave about the Silibake customer service approach, and now similar feedback can be found about the tea infuser glass itself. And to celebrate the raving reviews, the company is offering the loose leaf Tea Infuser Glass at a special launch discount for everyone. It is expected to exceed launch expectations and to continue to exceed expectations well after the launch.

About Silibake: A small family operated and owned company, Silibake has always worked to bring innovative silicone solutions into the household. With products that fill unique needs and which make lives easier in the kitchen, the company enjoys a solid customer following and plans to unveil even more unique products in the future.

Website: http://www.silibake.com

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