New Tea Infuser Mug Provides All In One Brewing and Drinking

The newest Silibake product to hit the market brings with it an all inclusive method of brewing any form of loose leaf or bagged tea in a simple process with minimal dishes. The all in one brewing and drinking method has proven popular, especially among Amazon shoppers.

Silibake’s newest product, their loose leaf Tea Infuser mug, hits the market with a bang. Tea lovers are raving about the new all-in-one brewing system that allows the brewing of and drinking of tea in a single glass, without the hassle and trouble of a multi-dish process.

The new brewing system, developed by the Silibake design team, offers tea lovers a new way to enjoy their favorite beverage. The system includes a double walled glass cup with a silicone sleeve on it to keep the drinker’s hands comfortable while making and drinking a hot beverage, as well as a stainless steel infuser basket that fits right into the glass. A lid is also included, which helps to keep heat in while tea is steeping, and then turns into a saucer for the infuser basket when it is pulled from the cup before the contents are consumed.

“We have worked hard to offer a solution that includes everything but the tea,” says Jasmine Rolle of the SIlibake design team. “Customers only need our system to brew the perfect cup of tea for one person, using any kind of tea that they want.”

Customers are able to use any variety of loose leaf tea or tea bags to brew their favorite beverage. The infuser basket is easily removable as well, allowing the drinker to transform the brewing system into the perfect tea cup for drinking. Adding sugar or honey or any other additions is simple after the infuser basket removal as well, and for those who prefer cooler teas, ice can be added too..

“The options are really endless for those who love tea,” explains Rolle. “We’ve tried to think of everything and incorporate it into this product, and as a tea drinker myself, I have to say that even I am impressed. I own two of these myself!”

Indeed, tea lovers seem to be rejoicing in the ability to brew and drink tea from the same glass without having to worry about re-straining the beverage or dealing with the debris that some other infuser balls leave behind. With tea drinkers at the heart of the design process, it’s no wonder that Silibake’s newest product is drawing quite a bit of attention.

About Silibake: Silibake is a family owned and operated company that strives to bring amazing kitchen innovations to the world. From simple silicone baking mats to their all in one brewing system tea infuser mug, they are working to make old kitchen troubles a thing of the past.


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