Newspaper Names Best Canadian Ski Resorts

Two of the Canadian resorts offered among a top educational travel company’s choice of destinations were recently featured in a list of the best winter holiday spots in that country, devised and published by prominent British newspaper The Telegraph.

The feature, uploaded to the periodical’s website, offered readers a choice of eight resorts, mostly located in British Columbia or Alberta, considered the best for skiing and winter sports enthusiasts. Among the selections were Banff and Lake Louise, both of which are among the options offered by Ski Plan for a school ski trip.

Each of the resorts was considered to have very distinctive advantages in regards to its qualities and suitability. Banff, for example, is first and foremost a summer resort, but offers easy access to tempting slopes at the nearby Sunshine Village resort, which offers good amounts of snow and varied, challenging courses. Banff itself has plenty of souvenir shops and other attractions common to seaside and summer holiday resorts, which might be of interest to schoolchildren. Lake Louise, on the other hand, has an unremarkable snow record, but produces plenty of snow and also offers some breath-taking scenery for students to admire on their ski runs or on the course of nature hikes.

Aside from these two resorts, the Telegraph mostly selected resorts in British Columbia for inclusion on their list. This is the foremost region for winter sports and winter holidays in Canada, and no less than six were selected among the best in the country — including all the entries in the periodical’s Top 3. The list is topped by Whistler, Fernie and Revelstoke, with Red Mountain, Big White and Sun Peaks rounding up the tally. Once again, each of these resorts has a special reason to be singled out, ranging from its slopes to its atmosphere or the parallel activities it offers for the breaks between skiing and snowboarding.

Canada is among the prime winter sports destinations for school ski trip itineraries in North America, alongside resorts such as Aspen, in the United States of America.

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