It took less than 5 seconds for the Judges to turn their chairs around. They just could not wait to see who was behind the microphone.

Just recently, Michael Ekeghasi, also known as “ME”, made his home country, Nigeria, proud when he made it past the blind audition stage of the on-going TV music talent show, The Voice of Finland. He had barely started singing when the judges’ chairs began to turn around. His outstanding performance of the classic Bob Marley song, One Love, left the judges dancing and asking for more, just as the audience cheered along.

The 31 year old Nigerian-born singer and songwriter, who moved to Finland six years ago to further his studies, is a graduate of Automation Engineering at HAMK Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. But it appears he has no intention of following that career path.

“Right from childhood, I have always loved music, especially singing and everything that relates to it. This is where I find true happiness” he said, during an interview at The Voice of Finland studio in Helsinki.

Michael, who was born into a poor home in the rural area of Lagos city, Nigeria, grew up in a society where young kids were mostly discouraged from following their passion especially when it relates to music.

“Almost everybody wants you to go to school, graduate from the university and get a “respectable” professional job typically for socio-economic reasons. That is the nature of the environment I found myself for the most part of my life” he recalled.

After many years of experiencing what he calls “an unhappy and unfulfilled career life”, Michael decided to make a bold and rebellious move to turn to his passion and first love - Music.

“This is the primary reason why I decided to participate in The Voice of Finland this season”. He said. “I have lost several opportunities to kick-start my music career in the past and I don’t intend to let that happen again”

He advises parents and guardians to support and encourage their kids to follow their passion and do what they love so that these young ones can be happy with their future careers.

Michael will move on to the next round of the contest, The Battle, which will see him battle it out with another contestant for a spot in the knock-out rounds.

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Michael “ME” Ekeghasi
Helsinki, Finland