Nightingale Home Care Announces 7-Part Blog Series to Address Aging Issues

02, June 2015: Nightingale Home Care, who specializes in helping seniors to stay safe at home is the top priority for the caregiving team at Nightingale Homecare, today announced a special seven-part blog series straight designed to assist persons in mastering the necessary elements to support their senior loved ones, and prevent hospitalizations or admissions to a long-term care facility.

The blog series will address the following issues:

- SAFETY: Adaptation and Technology
- MEDICATION MANAGEMENT: Accuracy and Adherence
- WELLNESS ROUTINE: Maximizing Health and Mobility
- HEALTHY CONNECTIONS: Maintaining Quality of Life
- OUTSIDE SUPPORT: Customized and Experienced

“These blogs will be designed to teach persons what they can do to help their loved one age safely at home,“ said the Nightingale Homecare spokesperson. Nightingale Homecare is uniquely qualified in identifying and assisting persons and trheir aged loved ones in each of these above areas. Their goal is to provide the guidance and care necessary for persons enjoying the golden years of their lives to remain safe and independent at home.

Referencing a recent study, the Nightingale Home Care spokesperson noted that senior citizens fear moving out of their homes and into a nursing home more than they fear death. The study, “Aging in Place in America,” also found that the adult children of seniors also fear for their parents. Specifically, they express concern about their parents entering a nursing home and suffering a decline in their emotional and physical wellbeing.

“Therefore, it is against this background that we have decided to create this special seven-part blog series with the aim of educating and making persons more aware of what’s happening, and how they can get involved to prevent certain unpleasant things from happening to their beloved seniors who are enjoying the twlight of their years,“ said the spokesperson.

Another key finding of the study, the Nightingale Home Care spokesperson pointed out, is that nearly 90 percent of seniors want to ’age in place’, meaning to grow older without having to move from their homes.

“Sadly, more than half (53 percent), are not confident about their ability to accomplish this. Although seniors living at home are determined to maintain their independence and stay home, they report that they often do not receive the support they need from their children or other caregivers in order to accomplish this goal safely,“ added the source.

Still yet, it is understood that the vast majority (94 percent) of adult children say it is important that their senior parents be able to stay in the comfort of their own home while aging; however, 79 percent are “concerned” about their parents’ ability to do so, and 57 percent are “very concerned”.

Given the statistics, Nightingale Home Care spokesperson said there are many things adult children of aging parents can do to ensure that their parents successfully “age in place,” regardless of their health status.

Technology, along with qualified Arizona home health care and private duty companies committed to providing expert elder-focused home care services, are things children of aging parents can utilize to make providing care and support result in high satisfaction rates with improved quality of life.

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