Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Noteworthy Chocolates offers customers a chance to write and design chocolate messages to gift loved ones. The startup company is the first to combine cutting edge laser technology and premium chocolate to create messages engraved into chocolate. They offer many custom design options and capabilities.

“This is a completely new way to give and receive chocolate,” said Michael Sauvageau, CEO (Chocolate Excellence Officer) of Noteworthy Chocolates. “It’s fun. It’s romantic. It’s definitely delicious. Personalized gift packaging completes the gifting experience.”

Noteworthy engraves special messages into four types of chocolate: Milk, White, Dark and Golden Dark, their most popular. The signature Golden Dark chocolate enhances the visibility of the engraving and adds an elegant touch. The company’s chocolate is Fair Trade Certified and allergy friendly for customers who are sensitive to peanuts and tree nuts. All products are soy-free.

Design capabilities allow customers to select message options ranging from 120 to 500 characters, depending on which design and size chocolate they pick. The engraved chocolate “stationery” sizes are Note, Card, Letter, and Certificate. They range from a 6 ounce Note to a 12 ounce Letter. Custom medallion orders begin at 15 pieces. These are suitable for corporate gifts or special events.

The company has also just launched its Valentine’s Day Collection. “Now, you can send a chocolate valentine or chocolate greeting card,” Sauvageau added. “What better way to say 'I love you’!”

Founders Michael and Jennifer Sauvageau reside in Bethel, Connecticut. They are serial entrepreneurs that have owned a lawn care business, a toy business, traveled the country performing and teaching at renaissance fairs, and are now innovating chocolate gift giving.

For more information, visit www.noteworthychocolates.com

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