Off-Pump coronary artery bypass surgery is an evolution in the field of cardiac surgery which is like the traditional open-heart surgery, which helped keeps up with rapid technological advances in the field of percutaneous coronary intervention. Preference for off-pump open heart surgery has grown over on-pomp coronary artery bypass grafting surgery. The advantage of OPOHS is reduced mortality rates compared to on-pump heart surgery. It’s a safe and effective option for the convention bypass surgery. This is because surgeons who are efficient in heart surgery are migrated to private hospitals for better compensation. In spite of the obvious conflict of interest, OPCAB remains the preferred mode of revascularization over other methods.

OPCAB is performed on a beating heart eliminating the need for a heart-lung bypass machine which performed using the contemporary technique. The surgeons use advanced operative types of equipment to stabilize the portion of the heart and bypass the blocked artery in a highly controlled operative environment. Meanwhile, the rest of the heart keeps pumping and circulating blood to the body. OPCAB provides patients with faster post-operative recovery and extra fewer tolls on their system.

The use of goods supports systems and resources are needed for OPCAB in order to achieve optimal outcomes. The cost for OPCAB is in the range of $7,799 to $10,584 in western countries whereas the same procedure can be performed in India at a fraction cost. Even in developing countries, OPCAB seems to be more cost-effective which shows to achieve equal and superior outcomes in the long run. Off-Pump Heart Surgery Cost in India is a long term effective process that is affordable for people around the globe.

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