Kentucky is going ahead with its Health Benefit Exchange, an online marketplace where individuals can shop for and enroll in qualified Kentucky health insurance plans. The exchange must certify health plans for participation. The aim is to control growing health insurance costs, but this will require the exchange to maximize competition, choice, and participation, reduce administrative costs, and prevent adverse selection.

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This insurance portal offers various types of Kentucky policies for individuals, families, self-employed, and employers. These include managed and indemnity plans for individuals and families, student and short-term plans, maternity coverage, Health Savings Accounts, drug cards, travel insurance, life insurance, and vision and dental plans.

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The state's Health Benefit Exchange will begin operation on January 1, 2014. But there is no need to wait till then individuals and small businesses can easily benefit with a competitively priced, comprehensive Kentucky health insurance plan from One Source Benefits.

About the Company

One Source Benefits is a well established and highly recommended licensed health insurance broker. Its website links to all major Kentucky health insurance companies offering affordable individual and family health insurance. With years of experience in the field, the knowledgeable and friendly team of health insurance professionals here helps individuals and employers get free Kentucky health insurance quotes and compare them to find a plan that ideally meets their needs.