9 Febuary, Lerum, Sweden - OneView Calendar, the neat, critically acclaimed calendar app launches the first major update with lots of improvements, beautiful themes and a sleeker design.

The zoomable calendar app was launched back in August 2016. It’s innovative approach and cool technical platform was enough to engage a broad audience in the Android market. “The response we got was overwhelming and enough for us to know we had struck gold. The next step has been to turn this baby into a mature first class calendar app. This update does that with grace and we are now exited to see the markets response”,  stated Peter Molyneux, developer of OneView Calendar.

Peter continues “We’ve been featured on Venture Beat, Android Police, Android Authority, Product Hunt, T3N and many more. We also have around 40000 users. It’s been a good start, and we are positive this update will take us to new hights and is an important preparation for the iPhone market which we aim to enter later this spring.”

About OneView Calendar
The app easily integrates with Google Calendar or any other calendar app and presents the user’s schedule in a clear and concise way. OneView Calendar gives you an unbeatable overview of any period of time and lets you swiftly add new events anywhere by simply dragging and dropping. Its cross-platform features give users the ability to sync and create events from any device through the web app on the official website.

OneView Calendar is free for download and the update comes after months of hard work and improvements based on the real users’ reviews on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oneviewcalendar.app&rdid=com.oneviewcalendar.app

Website: http://www.oneviewcalendar.com

Press info: http://www.oneviewcalendar.com/press

Web app: http://app.oneviewcalendar.com/

Demo video: https://youtu.be/64GZ9kWP9b0

Contact: [email protected]