22 Dec 2018, Navi Mumbai: One of the frontrunners and recognized as the most premier Medical Tourism organization in India, Tour2india4health Consultants freshly shared its plans about organizing Orthopaedic Treatment and Surgery camps in selected countries belonging to the African continent. The Orthopaedic camps will be primarily focused on distributing information about different Orthopaedic or Joint problems and their remedies. Taking into consideration that like many countries across the globe, African countries too, witness a lot of patients complaining about serious Joint problems.

There are six African countries that will be covered, which are Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Sudan and Mozambique and the camps will be held in the capitals of these countries, which are Abuja, Nairobi, Lilongwe, Dodoma, Khartoum and Maputo, respectively. The whole project involves organizing Orthopaedic camps for a duration of six months, starting from January 2019. Tour2india4health Consultants being a leading healthcare tourism service provider, it has a well-expansive network enveloping the most elite Orthopaedic Hospitals and Surgeons in India. Hence, the organization can go ahead and quite effortlessly plan this entire project.

India’s popularity in the matter of Orthopaedic treatment is extremely commendable. The Orthopaedic Hospitals in India are home to many of the world’s top Orthopaedic surgeons, who, much to the fortune of the African patients, will be visiting these camps. More specifically, these Orthopaedic surgeons are associated with some of the top hospitals from Delhi and Mumbai, which are highly advanced in terms of surgical infrastructure. At these camps, the Orthopaedic experts will be sharing knowledge about the latest surgeries that are possible today to address even the most complex kinds of Joint ailments. The representatives from Tour2india4health will be present to handle the queries of these visitors and also to make this whole plan a success. Along with this, the visitors will also be told about the cost-effective Orthopaedic surgery packages in India.

As a part of these camps, there will be complimentary health check-ups done, specifically, Bone Density check will be a vital factor. Also, information leaflets, along with diet and exercise plans will be distributed. The representatives of Tour2india4health will be sharing examples of previous patients, particularly, those from African countries, who have had a successful Orthopaedic Surgery in India. All of this will certainly work as the morale booster for these visitors.

About Tour2india4health Consultants: Tour2india4health Consultants, highly famed as the leading Healthcare Tourism planner in India, has an extremely well-spread and flourishing network in India.With branches in big cities, such as Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and others, this organization offers very patient-friendly amenities and affordable packages to globally-located patients. This makes the treatment process, a very rewarding process for the medical value travellers. Being in the Medical Tourism industry for numerous years now, the organization’s aim is to make the advanced treatment and surgeries in India, accessible to the international patients.

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