“Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful” — Helen Keller

You only get one pair of eyes. It’s so important to take good care of them. Finding the right Eye Doctors and Optician?s to help you take good care of your eyes is one of the best strategies you can have for eye care. Unfortunately, that luxury isn’t always afforded to people in places like Africa. That’s where we come in.

About Us

At Eyemasters, we are a team of eye care professionals who are committed to providing a wide array of vision improvement solutions to companies, schools and other institutions in Africa.

We believe that eye safety should be a priority for everyone. To make that happen, we provide eye safety solutions to promote workplace eye safety.

At Eyemasters, we want to help the world see each other better. It’s a small step toward making the world a better place, but we believe that many hands make light (and safe!) work. If we do our part to help, the world will become a better place one step at a time.

How we do it

Our eye care solutions are offered through a multi-level approach. Here’s how we do what we do:

We utilize the World Health Organization and other globally accepted best practice solutions to deliver eye-care services around the world.

We value local traditions and customs. Because of that, we listen to local insights to provide practical eye care solutions that will fit into, and be practical for, local needs.

We focus our initiatives on preventative medicine. Blindness is irreversible, so we will do everything in our power to ensure that as many eyes as possible are kept safe.

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of each and every client we serve. For every problem, we provide a solution.

Our initiatives

Mobile vision centers

Can’t come to the clinic? We’ll visit hospitalized patients or housebound elderly patients in their homes to provide vision therapy.

Site visits

To ensure that workers are working in an environment that is conducive to good eye health, we will do a site visit to assess the sitting position, room illumination and other factors to ensure that eye health is not being compromised.

Occupational vision centers

We have set up a chain of occupational vision centers all over the country. Eyemasters’ vision centers are accessible and available to help people achieve optimal eye health.

A passion for sight

To further our goal of preventative eye care, we have set up the “Passion for Sight Institute,” or PFSI. The Institute helps education, train and inform staff at organizations such as yours so that they can help clients keep their eyes as healthy as possible. In doing this, the PFSI will help companies reduce costs accrued when workers have to take time off due to eye injury.

Through the Institute, we offer an Occupational Vision Safety Management Certificate Course. This course is designed to help managers manage eye health and safety within their organizations. Let our experts train you to take care of your employees.

We believe in paying it forward. The proceeds form the Institute are used to pay for the eye care of children in institutions such as the Red Cross Motherless Baby Home in Makoko, Yaba.

Keeping your eyes healthy should always be a priority. At Eyemasters, we are dedicated to creating as many opportunities as possible to help people in Africa do just that.