Over 13,000 Rare And Valuable Stamps Currently Available From Cherrystone Auctions

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Cherrystone Auctions has announced a selection of over 13,000 quality stamps currently available in their online stamp store, which is accessible through the auction house’s website, listed below. As stamp enthusiasts anticipate the next public stamp sale from the leading New York City auction house in late April/early May, they are encouraged to browse through the array of stamps available for sale in the store in the meantime.

Cherrystone Auctions frequently replenishes the stamps available in its online store, and visitors to the site are invited to sign up for email updates that are often related to new items and upcoming events. The online retail store, https://www.cherrystonestamps.com/ , allows visitors to search for stamps by both by country/region of the stamp’s origin and by the topic of the image depicted on the stamp. Over a dozen countries are represented with stamps available for purchase on the website, including the United States, Great Britain and Russia. Topical categories of stamps include Airplanes, Dogs, Cats, Trains and Sports, among over a dozen other options.

Several of the most recent additions to the online store are stamps from Russia. One stamp now available online is from 1950 and features an image of Joseph Stalin. Another recent Russian stamp added to the online store, issued in 1939, features an image of Vladimir Lenin. A Russian stamp issued on the occasion of the 1957 Ice Hockey World Championships is also now available among the thousands of other stamps that can be viewed and purchased in the store.

Since its founding in 1967, Cherrystone Auctions has held frequent public auctions from their New York City galleries. The stamps and other items related to postal history sold at their auctions always include stamps from the United States and throughout the rest of the world. In addition to public auctions held each year every 4-6 weeks, the company also holds specialty sales, often of particularly valuable private collections from collectors all over the world. Further details can be found at https://www.cherrystoneauctions.com/upcoming.asp

Considered a global leader in stamp auctions, Cherrystone brings more than $30 million in stamps and postal history memorabilia to market each year. The company carefully curates the items available at each auction with a focus on providing high levels of rarity and quality. A family owned and operated stamp auction house with three generations involved in the business, Cherrytone maintains membership in all of the major U.S. and European philatelic societies. https://www.facebook.com/Cherrystone-Auctions-8811128369/

For detailed information on their recent or upcoming auctions, to inquire about a specific item in the online stamp store or to learn how Cherrystone may assist in the appraisal or sale of your stamp collection, the company may be contacted using the information provided below.

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Address: 119 West 57th Street, Suite 316, New York, NY 10019
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Fax: 212-977-8653
Email: info@cherrystoneauctions.com
Bids Email: bids@cherrystoneauctions.com
Website: https://cherrystoneauctions.com
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