Date:- July 20,2019 Location:- New Delhi Heart failure or congestive heart failure is a critical health condition when the heart fails to pump enough blood to the rest of the body. In such condition, the blood flows at a slower rate throughout the heart and body, which increase the pressure in the heart. The result of such health condition can be life-threatening and surgery becomes the only option to rescue the life of the patient.

The heart failure surgeries can be classified into two categories, surgical procedures without devices and implantation of medical devices. Coronary bypass surgery (CABG) or angioplasty is the surgery without a device implantation. On the other hand, doctors implant a small metal device to regain the pumping ability of the heart. The devices may be recommended for certain patients with heart failure are pacemaker, biventricular pacemaker, or implantable cardioverter. A pacemaker helps to improve slow heart rates or other heart signaling problems. This device can regulate the arrhythmic heartbeat. A pacemaker weighs between 20 and 50g and is implanted under the skin on the chest below the collarbone, near the heart and connected to the heart with leads.


The cardiologists implant a pacemaker following any of the two procedures, endocardial lead positioning and epicardial lead positioning. The pacemaker implantation procedure in India is very much cost efficient and helpful for the heart patients around the world. The cost of pacemaker implant surgery in India is very much lower than any other developed country; it is almost 20 – 25% lower than the USA.

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