More than 20,000 pacemakers are implanted each year in India and the numbers are growing annually. The electronic pacemaker has been the gold standard for treating abnormal heart rhythms. The small, battery-operated device uses electrodes to deliver a steady wave of electrical shocks to the heart, forcing a contraction and allowing the organ to properly pump blood through the body.

Now, cardiac surgeons in India are one step closer to creating a biologic alternative for electronic pacemakers which is an affordable pacemaker implantation surgery cost in India. The group developed biologic cardiac pacemaker-like cells by taking fats stem cells and reprogramming them as an alternative treatment for heart conditions including conduction system disorders and heart attacks. Serving as the heart’s natural regulator, pacemaker cells are responsible for generating electrical impulses that set the normal rhythm and pace for blood to pump.

Alternatively, pacemaker-like cells— as the name suggests—operate likewise and share similar gene expression profiles with their cellular cousins. Surgeons are working on optimizing these cells to become more like an actual pacemaker cell. “The best approach to therapy would be to create something … biological, whereas an electrical pacemaker is an exogenous device, which has limitations just based on the fact that it’s foreign to the body, making pacemaker implantation surgery cost in India less.” The cardiac surgeon said.

The surgeons noted that electronic pacemakers have been tremendous innovation in preserving the quality of life, but they carry certain risks and complications associated with mechanical devices, including infection, swelling, bruising, or bleeding around the implantation site. Affordable pacemaker implantation surgery costs in India typically last five to 15 years. Biological pacemakers, which wouldn’t need to be replaced, could adapt to the body and grow with the patient—whether that person is an adult or child. Once implanted, the pacemaker-like cells become fully integrated with the heart.

Batteries don’t last all that long, but this would hopefully circumvent those problems. These would be part of the heart implanted forever. They’re going to live in the heart and be part of the actual heart. This is a long-term therapeutic. While conducting in-human clinical trials remains years away, the researcher said this is the first step toward advancements in developing a biologic pacemaker.

This is definitely the beginning of a great avenue of research that is extremely excited.  The pacemaker implantation surgical procedure is executed via experienced cardiac surgeons in India; those who hold a high experience in working with pacemakers and specialize in the treatment of arrhythmias. Low pacemaker implantation surgery cost in India is quite popular amongst medical vacationers due to the fact the country homes some of the best cardiac surgeons in the globe. Similarly, pacemaker implantation cost in India is one of the lowest in the world. By opting for pacemaker implantation surgery in India, a medical traveler normally saves thousands of dollars that they would in any other case spend in their home country for the same quality of treatment.

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