Columbus, Ohio; July 17, 2013: An initial 5,000 water backpacks recently landed in Rajasthan, India (about 800 kilometers west of Delhi), the first wave of a 20,000 backpack distribution. The packs will soon be in the hands of people who carry the heavy burden of water transport in areas where water is scarce. In the wake of severe drought in the region, PackH2O has partnered with manufacturing and packaging companies, Greif and Balmer Lawrie, to tackle a growing problem. 

“One in seven people globally are affected by the water crisis. The problem includes avoiding contamination and eliminating health risks when bringing water home,” said Tony Somers, COO of PackH2O. “Through our partnerships with Greif and Balmer Lawrie, we have the ability to positively-affect up to 25,000 lives.” 

In 2012, the Indian government passed legislation requiring all public companies to allocate every year 2 percent of their profits to social responsibilities. Balmer Lawrie, which is partially owned by the Indian government, has a long history of donating time and expertise as well as products and services to their communities. Upon learning about Greif’s PackH2O water backpack, they thought it was something that would help in India. This initial order is just a beginning, with plans to test which regions and markets are most receptive to this new technology. 

The award-winning pack (Popular Science 2012 Best of What’s New Award winner) is a scientifically tested alternative to buckets and jerry cans used to transport water from source to home. Developed by Greif, the backpack holds about five gallons (20 liters) of water in a removable liner that, after use, is easily sanitized with exposure to sunlight. With a spout for dispensing water and a puncture-resistant outer shell, PackH2O is a safe and effective way to store clean water. . 

ABOUT BALMER LAWRIE: Balmer Lawrie is a market leader in steel barrels, industrial greases & specialty lubricants, corporate travel and logistics services. It also has significant presence in most other businesses it operates, viz, performance chemicals, logistics infrastructure, etc. In its 146 years of existence, Balmer Lawrie has been successfully responding to the demands of an ever-changing environment, leveraging every change as an opportunity to innovate and emerge a leader in industry. . 

ABOUT Greif, Inc.: Greif, Inc., is a world leader in industrial packaging products and services. The company produces steel, plastic, fibre, flexible, intermediate bulk, corrugated, reconditioned and multiwall containers and containerboard, and provides filling, packaging, industrial packaging reconditioning and land management consulting services for a wide range of industries. Greif has a long-term commitment to creating and engaging in sustainable business practices and supporting humanitarian relief efforts. The company has invested in manufacturing process improvements that reduce waste, energy and water use. For information about Greif’s sustainability achievements, see . 

ABOUT PACKH2O: PackH2O is a socially conscious company that provides an innovative solution to water transportation in developing areas across the globe. 

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