Patricia O. has just published her Cellulite Massager review on her new health blog with the intent of giving all women who want to get rid of cellulite a simple solution for their skin problem.

Patricia is a woman in her 40’s and for the last 12 years she has been overweight. When she was younger, she used to be a weight lifting champion, and even though she needed lots of strength In order to be one of the top performs in her team, she was not overweight.

Her fat percentage was under 10%, however because of an injury at her left knee, she had to end her career and ended up gaining 50 pounds.

Her cellulite was really bad as well, so for a few years, she had been looking for a weight loss program that would give her results and help her get back into her skinny jeans

After having bought over 10 weight loss programs that didn’t work for her, Patricia has found Aline Pilani’s new fitness program, based on morning workouts and a veggie diet plan.

On Aline’s recommendation, Patricia has started using a cellulite massager on her lower body in order to prevent stretch marks from showing on her body due to losing weight too fast.

After just a few weeks on the program, Patricia has lost 20 pounds, and because she has used the cellulite brush daily, she has reduced her cellulite,  and lost over 2 inches off her thighs and over 4 off her waistline.

The cellulite brush review published on her website explains it all more in depth.  She also explains how she used coffee ground wraps on her thighs and a little know tricks based on coconut oil.

The women who will read her cellulite massager review will get a few amazing cellulite tips, and if they will implement them in their lives, their results will be fast and easy.

Her cellulite massage review can be read on this page

About us: Patricia O. is a woman who makes all her health progress public and shares amazing health tips on her website.

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