Paediatric orthopedics is a special branch of orthopedics science that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of any musculoskeletal problems in growing children, infants, and adolescents. Early diagnosis and comprehensive care for a deformity help a child to have a disability-free life. The pediatric orthopedic specialists have special knowledge and skills to treat everything from simple fractures to intricate hip and spine deformities in new-borns to young adults. The treatment procedures of children’s orthopedic patients are not alike adults as they are in growing age. The orthopedic surgeons are using special technologies so the growth of the child not gets hampered. 

Children are not like adults, they are delicate to handle, special for infants who don’t even say that what is bothering them. Even toddlers or small kids cannot answer medical questions and are not always able to be patient and cooperative during a medical examination. So, pediatric orthopedic surgeons are specially trained to take care of the special needs of children. They know how to examine and treat children, how to make them relaxed and cooperative with the doctor. And at the same time, the surgeons understand the concern of parents having a child with a musculoskeletal problem and have experience in communicating with anxious family members.

Some of the common-born pediatric defects are club foot, DDH, Radial Club Hand, Torticollis, Congenital knee dislocations, Arthrogryposis Multiplex, etc. which can be 100% cured through orthopedic surgery and follow up treatments. Apart from these congenital problems, fracture, growth modulation, osteogenesis imperfection, Perthes disease, scoliosis, brachial plexus, and cerebral palsy are some of the most common issues with kids. Some of the best hospital for pediatric orthopedic surgery in India are Apollo Speciality Hospital (Chennai), Manipal Hospital (Bangalore), Metro Hospital (Delhi), MIOT hospital (Chennai), Narayana Health (Bangalore) and so on. 

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