Pediatric surgeons in India efficaciously treated patients using 3mm instrument on digital laparoscopy platform

Transenterix, Inc., a clinical device company this is digitizing the interface between the doctor and the patient to enhance minimally invasive surgical treatment, today announced that pediatric surgeons in India, have efficaciously operated on a couple of pediatric patients, becoming the first pediatric surgical program in the world to make use of the Senhance  surgical system and combine virtual laparoscopy with units as small as three mm into their standard of surgical care.

 “Pediatric surgery is a subject that demands precision, control and minimal invasiveness. The enhance device is designed to manage of instruments as small as 3 mm and be compatible with small scopes while also keeping the feel of touch thru haptic remarks,” stated pediatric surgeons in India. “First time the 3 mm instrument was utilized in robot pediatric surgical operation and Indian hospitals to initiate a pediatric surgical treatment program with Enhance. We will continue to work with their excellence surgeons to construct a successful scientific program and develop the adoption of Enhance in pediatric surgical procedure.”

“The capability to use three mm devices on a robotic platform is what first drew my crew to utilize the Enhance,” said pediatric surgeons in India. “As utilization of the Enhance device has begun in more than one pediatric patients, along with complicated reconstructive procedure, we’ve found that the haptic feedback, precision and unique vision control system are benefits to our experience. This platform has a completely bright future as an instrument in the hands of pediatric surgeons in India.”

The Enhance system is the first and most effective virtual laparoscopic platform designed to maintain laparoscopic minimally invasive surgical procedure standards while providing digital advantages along with haptic feedback, robot precision, and eye-sensing camera control, comfortable ergonomics, superior instrumentation which includes three mm micro laparoscopic contraptions, and reusable widespread instrument to help keep per-procedure costs just like conventional laparoscopy.

Pediatric surgeons in India are acknowledged both nationally and internationally for its cognizance on prevention and taking an included approach to health care: from prevention, merchandising of excellent health, and primary care, to top-stage clinical diagnostics and treatment. Patient safety is their top priority in all of their endeavors. For over decades, the pediatric surgeons in India have been serving the children nationally and the world over. Through passionate, customized care, they rework what may be a very scary time in a child’s life into a secure, healing experience. Pediatric surgeons in India, says, “Because of the way we run our practice, we've got very positive outcomes. Availability, responsibility, and reliability are very important to us.”

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