Physicists Recommend Constant Physical Activity To Prevent Osteoarthritis

Orlando, FL— April 07, 2016 — Nowadays, people follow various dietary programs to improve their overall health condition. There are also those who combine regular exercise and healthy diet to fight ailments. Engaging in regular exercise is necessary for optimum health, and it is even believed to increase one’s immunity against a range of conditions.

Physicists recommend constant physical activity to prevent osteoarthritis. This painful condition can affect the knee or hips. It doesn’t just cause pain but also physical limitations. There are even those who become unable to work due to the condition.

According to statistics, almost half of the American population is affected by the condition. Two thirds of these sufferers are obese adults.

A research suggests that engaging in physical activity could potentially help prevent the condition. The research was presented at the AVS 52nd International Symposium and Exhibition.

The cartilage is the rubbery material located at the ends of the bones. It protects the bones from friction and cushions the joints.  It is even called the shock absorber due to its ability to reduce friction. Unfortunately, the cartilage doesn’t always stay healthy and function.

The cartilage can eventually deteriorate, and this limits the normal movement of the knees. It also causes significant pain and may require knee replacement surgery. Due to the pain and physical limitations, many sufferers resort to measures that are thought to improve their overall condition.

There are pain medications available for arthritis sufferers. These pharmaceutical drugs have long been used by arthritis sufferers in reducing pain as well as in improving their mobility. The bad news is that the pain relieving effects of these medications are only temporary.

What makes the use of these pharmaceutical drugs even more disadvantageous is that they are associated with side effects. This has encouraged many arthritis sufferers to resort to natural remedies such as glucosamine supplements.

Glucosamine is a widely used safer alternative to pain medications. This natural substance is believed to significantly help reduce pain by repairing cartilage damage. It is also believed to improve overall joint health as well as the mobility of sufferers.

Experts recommend that individuals who want to increase their immunity against osteoarthritis should regularly exercise. However, it may also be beneficial for them to use glucosamine since it has the potential ability to help maintain joint cartilage health.

Some of the most recommended glucosamine supplements contain other therapeutic ingredients such as MSM. These supplements are thought to be extremely helpful not just for arthritis sufferers but also athletes (

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