With PIN Genie’s patent-pending PIN pad algorithm, you never have to worry about hiding your screen from prying eyes again. For most of us, smartphones contain our entire lives: personal info, pictures, bank data, the list goes on. Leaving your phone out-of-reach can be a nerve-wracking feeling, as if time slows down. What if a stranger, a significant other, or a business rival gets into your phone?

Fortunately, PIN Genie has invented a powerful way to protect PIN numbers. The patent-pending security is so strong that you can confidently unlock your screen while anyone looks on knowing that onlookers have a 1/10,000 chance of getting it right. And, if someone attempts (and fails) to unlock your phone, a selfie is discreetly taken and instantly emailed to you, so you’ll know the culprit.

“I was always worried about security and privacy on my phone. The traditional PIN pads forced me to hide my screen, while the biometric fingerprint sensors give a false sense of security,” said Co-founder and CEO Lee Zheng. “Having created the most secure app on the market, using years of security experience, I now have no stress when I leave my phone around my family, friends, and business partners. I even challenge people on the streets and at conferences to guess my PIN — to date, no winners.”

The PIN Genie patent-pending PIN pad makes your PIN invisible to others with just 4 sleek buttons. Each button contains 3 numbers so others can’t read which number you are pressing. In addition, all numbers reshuffle after each attempt — making it impossible for others to discover the pattern.

If your phone does wind up in the wrong hands, the app’s “Intruder Selfie” feature immediately snaps a photo and sends it to your email — without the intruder ever knowing.

For further security, this app includes an Applock feature to lock individual apps, while incorporating the same features of the screen lock.  Whether you want to protect your photos, bank info, facebook, or any other apps, you can breathe easy when passing your phone to friends, family, and colleagues without worrying about certain apps being accessed.

With PIN Genie’s Screen Lock & App Lock app, worrying about prying eyes is a thing of the past.

PIN GENIE Inc. is a technology startup, founded in Silicon Valley in 2014. Our team is comprised of experts specializing in both security software and electronic hardware developments.

User Feedback:

Amanda Wallner: “It protects your phone. I had my phone kidnapped by a friend and they tried to get on but failed. I went to my email and there was the picture of the person that took my phone. I highly recommend this app for anyone.”

Ashley Brown: “Great security! They have good features that really protects your phone. My boyfriend always snoops through my phone and it was a real problem at one point but now, I can leave my phone unattended around him without worrying. It’s also very simple to use. I LOVE THIS APP.”

Gavon Marlow: “Loved it! This is a great screen/app lock, can't understand why it's not the most downloaded.”
Key 2016 Milestones:

-    Launch of Screen Lock & App Lock
-    Featured on CBS, FOX, NBC, Huffington Post, CIO.com, Entrepreneur.com
-    No.1 rated screen lock on Google Play 4.6

Quick Facts:
-    Google Play Store Editor’s Choice: 6 countries
-    #1 App in First Line of Defense Phone Security
-    Product Family — Screen Lock & App Lock (Android), PIN Genie Vault (iOS)

PIN Genie Screen Lock & App Lock
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Daisy Chow, Marketing Manager
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