Prime Time Drama Earns Record-Breaking Hits For Hd Asian Movies And Dramas.

Prime Time Drama, the highly popular and free online platform for watching favorite Asian drama and movies is set to launch a series of the latest releases in the box office. The web site, known for mostly being the first to offer access to the latest movies is rumored to be the first free web site to launch a movie for the first time on the internet.


While the media is still speculating over the authenticity of the latest news, the web site has received some hits form regular fans for its most popular movies. Some of the movies and dramas that received the highest ratings currently have been none other than the Warm and cozy. A Korean romance, the drama rotates around the two urbanite strangers Baek Gun Woo (Yoo Yeon Seok) and Lee Jung Joo (Kang So Ra).  Both the desperate to escape the stress and the drama of the modern life in the city and takes off to the idyllic Jeju Island, one of South Korea’s jewel. The two strangers co incidentally meets in the serene island and one thing leads to another.


Another movie that has recently received overwhelming hits among the regular viewers has been none other than the Chinese moviesLove Weaves through Millennium. The movie is based on a popular Korean drama Queen in Hyun’s Man. The Chinese version narrates the same story. it revolves around the lives of two individuals whose love stands the test of time. The love that happens between the two individuals from different eras. It all begins when the Imperial scholar official accidentally travels through time and finds himself in another era that he does not understand.


The web site has recently been appreciated for bringing together fans from across the international borders. With HD quality movies and English subtitles, all movies have enjoyed great hits. For more information please visit


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