Santa Clara, CA - Ever digital eavesdropped? Oh sure, it’s easy enough to take a gander at what the guy at the coffee bar is working on while waiting in line for a latte, right? Not anymore thanks to a little solution called the PrivacyDevil. Reportedly flying off the virtual shelves both on the company’s website and on Amazon, the product is like a personal forcefield. But what is it exactly? It’s a portable screen that affixes to one’s laptop or computer monitor to protect information from prying eyes. Dare it to be called a Luke Skywalker advantage for the digital nomad?

Working with a patented technology the PrivacyDevil restricts the viewing angle of a computer screen. On either side of the screen, the monitor appears to be black. However, for straight on viewing, it’s flawlessly clear as a bell. Ideal for office environments, high traffic public places, or home settings, the lightweight computer screen filter does the trick.

Robert Jones, the cofounder of PrivacyDevil, said of the demand for his product on Amazon, “It’s so perfect for entrepreneurs who work here, there, and everywhere that our product sells so quickly on Amazon it runs out of stock. Be smart. Grab a must-have.”

Completely mobile and removable, the PrivacyDevil comes with two different attachment methods to suit personal needs.

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PrivacyDevil is a screen filter for laptops, desktops, and monitors that provides privacy while viewing in public or private areas.

Robert Jones, Co-Founder
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Phone Number: 786-972-7673
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