Eugene, Oregon — February 6, 2017 — The era of individual “inward looking” psychology in office practice may be nearing an end, according to 36 year veteran therapist and marriage counselor Dr. Max Vogt.

Dr. Vogt has worked in a private practice for decades — and early on specializing in individual depth psychology — and says that in recent years he has seen a dramatic move away from what he calls “navel gazing” therapy to therapy “in relationship to others.”

“It just makes sense,” says Vogt.  “We live our lives in relationship to others… our meaning and values and most important connections are with others we love and connect with.  The unconscious mind is fascinating but mostly just psychobabble unless what you are focused on is connecting with others in a loving relationship.”

Vogt moved completely away from doing individual counseling to strictly working with couples in 1993 and has never looked back, believing very strongly that it is in marriage and intimate relationships where people find their own greatest development and self-knowledge, even when going through challenges.

Vogt works with clients in their own homes, which he says is a “natural environment, and one where real healing can take place.  Coming to a professional office is stifling and artificial, and people do not carry back to their real lives the power of the work.”

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