PUB HTML5’s Brochure Maker is Introduced as the Best Program for a Newbie to Create Brochures

11, June 2015: Many businesses and organizations are looking to push their product and information to a wide audience. But, many of these organizations are sticking to the old method of using printed brochure material. This is very expensive and slow! There is a great alternative method that is available now.

A competitive software company, PUB HTML5 changes the publishing game by making it much cheaper and easier for anyone to quickly create a brochure. Their service has an extremely low learning curve; their digital brochure maker is powerful but not as complicated as any other graphic design software on the market. Anyone, including someone with no experience in graphic design can use the resources. They can easily implement templates, themes, and even flash scenes into their design. There are built in functions that can create animated graphics without any coding necessary. With over 150 options, the brochure can be customized to fit the creator’s dream.

In addition to being able to use these tools, the creator only needs to import a PDF file and the software will automatically convert it into a professional and modern flipbook. This flipbook/brochure can be viewed in a variety of channels including, computers, mobile devices, tablets, and more.

Social Media is a huge part of the new technological world. PUB HTML5 allows the creator to share their flipbook to a number of social network websites, ensuring a wide audience. A large issue that companies have is gaining good SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. PUB HTML5 does this automatically with their SEO tool so that it will be easily found with search engines.

If someone is not creating a flipbook for advertising or promotional purposes, but for their own interests, it is still possible to monetize. PUB HTML5 incorporates Google Adsense and other advertising tools so that the creator can make money off advertisements.

In conclusion, PUB HTML5 is the best flipbook/brochure making tool for anyone, with any level of experience.

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