Orlando, FL A light bulb is one of the best inventions ever. Over the period of its existence, it has gone through several modifications and changes. Light Bulb Surplus is the best online destination for individuals who are looking to purchase light bulbs. They are available in different wattages to give out the preferred brightness to homes and commercial complexes. This company is a commercial lighting and a wholesale light bulb store. Their volume purchasing and distribution methods allow them to sell brand new bulbs for a lesser amount. Customers can find light bulbs of different brands such as GE and Sylvania. They are also a premium supplier of Keystone and Universal ballasts.


Choosing the right lighting system is one of the most important decisions you have to make. For this, there are several options available in terms of wattage. The 1000 watt hps can be an ideal option for indoor uses in homes as well as commercial establishments. Other than bulbs, they are also a huge supplier of ballasts. In comparison with other websites, individual can get the best value for their money. Over the website, they can browse through the entire collection of bulbs to choose the preferred one. Several other bulbs which can be found over this website include 300 watt cfl, CFL Bulbs, Fluorescent Tubes and many more.


The 1000 watt hps bulbs offered by the company come from several brands such as Premium Vale which is a good replacement for other top brands such as Phillips. 200 watt cfl is another popular bulb which is preferred by the audience. Individuals can also find them in different colors so as to allow individuals to highlight their signage and other displays in a creative manner. One of the key features of most bulbs sold over the website is that they offer quality that is unmatched by halogen and other fluorescent bulbs.


It is a known fact that high quality bulbs have become popular in the modern day. It is one of the major concerns of customers when it comes to the prices of bulbs. People can be assured that shopping over Light Bulb Surplus will help them to get the products at a reasonable amount. Since this company is a wholesale store, it offers wide range of light bulbs at reasonable rates. In case of any problems with the purchased item, individuals can get the bulb replaced by informing the company. For more information, they can visit http://www.lightbulbsurplus.com/.


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