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The QRS ® 101 Home System Magnetic Therapy Machine (PEMF) machine is just one of the best "pulsed electro-magnetic field" (PEMF) machines on the market!
Miracle Alternatives, LLC is a certified dealer of the QRS 101 Home System (PEMF) machine. Nevertheless, we could ship this machine globally. The majority of various other dealerships are medical.

centers, as well as physicians situated outside the United States as well as Canada! As a result the good news is anybody can now possess their very own QRS (PEMF) Machine!

The Quantron Resonance System, QRS, is one of the most efficient pulsed magnetic field (PEMF) system on the market today. It is additionally the initial to clinically confirm.

proof of ion transport, which is an important factor in producing cell energy. Backed by countless professional trials and empirical examinations, and also three worldwide patents the QRS.

has the most substantial study done on it of any other PEMF system on the market.

The QRS is an outcome of greater than 20 years of basic and used research by top international scientists in Europe as well as wased initially made use of in the Russian MIR Space.

Terminal program. Today, the QRS is designed for residence or professional usage and also is being made use of in houses and also clinics all over the world as well as has actually been proven risk-free and efficient. Over.

100,000 QRS systems have been sold worldwide.

The QRS represents itself. Read several professional reviews as well as testimonials below:.

Medical Professionals - The Power of QRS.
Keep in mind that all statements regarding health testimonials are reflections of personal encounters and are not implied to indicate that you will certainly receive comparable results.
Claims in these testimonials do not make up medical claims.

" QRS is a blessing for mankind - from the infant to the geriatric. QRS will certainly cause a modification of standard in medicine.".
Dr. Linus Pauling.
2 time Nobel Prize victor,.
4 time Nobel Prize nominee.
" Although, in the United States a range of devices do exist dealing with electro-magnetic areas, none has such an extensive scientific background as the QRS system.".
Dr. R. O. Becker,.
twice nominated for the Nobel Prize.
Writer of The Body Electric.
Migraines, Headaches, Low Back Pain.
" I am seeing instant cause relieving migraines, muscle contraction migraines, hip pain, and also reduced pain in the back I do muscle examinations to see which setups clients need. Likewise,.

psychological quality is improved.".
R. B. (MD; Lancaster, OH).
" I have been using the QRS for over two years, and also have recommended it to numerous clients. My very own individual results are extremely favorable. Arthritis that had been establishing in my.

hip for two years disappeared ... in 3 months it was 95% gone, and also in six months it was completely gone and also almost forgotten. In addition, I find it aids me remain relaxed and also.

more full of energy. A number of.
my people have actually had just as good results, attaining relief of back pain, arthritis stress, anxiety, bladder control, and also low energy. One patient feels it has actually additionally been.

handy as part of his cancer therapy program. Obviously, absolutely nothing benefits everybody, however the great majority of people are more than satisfied with the outcomes attained with.

the QRS.".
William Eidelman, MD, Santa Monica, CA.
" So much the majority of my thoes alleviated with the QRS have conditions of the engine system like osteoarthritis, degenerative spine damage with often extreme herniation of the.

intervertebral disc, periarthropathy with and also without radiological tried and tested calcifications, rheumatoid arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatica, fibromyalgia disorder, epicondylitis,.

brand-new and old sport injuries, neuropathy, migraine headaches, cervical pain syndrome, hypertension, arterial occlusive diseases, diabetic gangrene, coronary heart problem, persistent.

bronchitis, bronchial asthma, sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, anxiety, neurodermatitis, rosacea and psoriasis. As a result of the noted superb.

treatment results with the QRS, the rather quick as well as side-effect free feedbacks, the high performance as well as finally, the terrific possibilities of decrease of medication,.

I suggest to every physician to consider this genuine advancement in the area of Quantum Medicine. The QRS has actually currently turned into a vital scientific discipline which.

can substantially enhance the medicine of the 21st century.".
Dr. Haas, MD.
" Woman, 29 years of ages. Condition baseding on Dr Pfeiffer: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Constant infections. After 4 weeks on the QRS the exhaustion is gone and the client admits.

she has actually not really felt so good in years.".
Hannelore Bilz, MD.
" Both legs of a 28-year-old woman were considerably ulcerous (necrosis). Conventional medicine was baffled due to the fact that she was not diabetic person. Over the years, conventional medicine was.

unable to treat her legs. After a six-week QRS treatment incorporated with radiation of her injuries with red light lasers, the wound closed after 5 days and the other signs.

subsided after.
6 weeks.".
Dr. Kropshofer, D.C.
" I have actually used the QRS in our facility for one year and also the results have been just superb. I discover the deep relaxation it creates essential in the recovery procedure.

I have had often times when I have actually utilized it and also it has entirely shifted my power from worn out, stressful or distressed to relax, unwinded and energized. The QRS is a have to have for anybody.

taking care of a persistent severe illness. It assists create the conditions for health and also recovery to happen normally in the body/mind.".
Har Hari S. Khalsa, D.C.
" I have actually utilized the QRS in my acupuncture center now for nearly 2 years. Because of the deep relaxation and also shift in power it creates, I use the QRS before my treatments. As a.

result, clients can obtain much deeper and quicker recovery. The majority of recognizable, I can see the positive results in pain conditions. As for I'm concerned, the QRS helps my power.

immensely to operate in my technique and my life in general.".
AF, MS, Dipl. AC, Felton, CA.

" I have actually been utilizing Quantron Resonance System given that June 1994 for any age groups and for a variety of various diagnoses. During this moment I have actually been carefully observing for.

ultimate negative effects. No negative adverse effects have actually been noted. I have actually discovered a few cases where clogs have been liquified. I have actually been able to control this by.

readjusting the degree.
Great achievements and also huge renovations have been observed in the following instances:- Elderly people's capability to relocate, recuperation after injury, recovery of injuries, fractures,.

vegetative stigmata, metabolism (diabetes metabolic rate of fat), menopause troubles, anxiety, sleep disruptions, migraine headache, fatigue, uncommon fatigue, better concentration,.

improved circulation,.
cerebral and also outer, decreased hyperactivity in youngsters, chronic pain in joints (wear and tear), backache, spinal column, weakening of bones, sciatic nerve pain, rheumatic grievances,.

gout, persistent pain, vegetative systonia, stress of muscular tissues, regeneration.The people have as sessed the treatment in a favorable means. In my technique I have actually had the ability to.

lower medication, in many cases.
remove it entirely: - Antihyper as well as hypertonia, medication for weakening of bones, hypnotics, tranquillisers, anti-diabetic medicine, vein therapy, anti-asthmatic, to name a few.

Basal Cell Carcinoma.
" Mrs L M concerned this Clinic with phase four metastatic basal cell carcinoma, with prevalent secondaries in her lungs. This female is a marathon swimmer as well as has been swimming.

as high as 3kms a day. Her physical endurance stays a secret, and also as she states 'I have well previous my utilized by date according to my Oncologist'. Beyond question the long-term use.

of QRS has boosted her microcirculation, and also is provening a maintaining benefit.".

Human brain Trauma - Christoph K.
" Brain injury, June 93. Was 8 months in coma. Since Oct 94 he has had shiatsu therapy two times a week. He still needs full time care. The ideal fifty percent of his body fairly.

mobile. Left side severely abnormal. The tongue can only transfer to front teeth. QRS from July 25, 95. After 4 days a clear impact. He could stretch the tongue 4 cm out of his.

mouth and licks the top of a yogurt container. Left side of the body plainly more unwinded. He can tell using sign language that he wants Quantron device switched on.".
Dr Med. Hannelore Bilz.

Osteoporosis Coxartros.
" A lady, 80 years of ages, had Osteoporosis Coxartros surgery. Despite rehabilitation and intensive physical rehabilitation she can not climb up stairways, but can walk with a stick.

After 8 weeks with QRS she might walk without a stick as well as climb staircases.".
Dr Med. Hannelore Bilz.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
" A 45-year-old lady CIG was diagnosed in October 1997 with amyotrophic side sclerosis, one of the most typical form of motor neuron disease, with a typical life expectancy of 3.

- 4 years. When I got to know her in January 1998, she experienced generalised muscle weakness and also some wastage, bad muscle control and also muscle pain. No proven treatment is.

offered. This person takes Vitamin E as well as a tablet computer for gout arthritis (Allopurinol). One month after twice everyday use of the magnetic field therapy she reports: "It works.

marvels, say goodbye to muscle fasciculation, much better muscle control as well as more strength and also power". After three months: "I feel 100% better, I really feel the muscle stimulation across, I.

feel a lot better on my feet, the aches in my wrists are gone".
Dr. Eckard Roehrich General Practitioner.

Neck as well as Shoulders Injury.
" A 53-year-old guy G.M. sustained work associated injuries to both shoulders as well as neck in 1991 and 1993. His ideal shoulder was operated after on four celebrations and also his left.

shoulder on one occasion. His problem deteriorated nonetheless. He left work in 1994 as well as became depending on pain killers as well as nerve tablets to somewhat manage the pain.

from the above injuries but additionally to control the ever raising frustrations as well as other vast spread arthritic pains (spine, hips, knees). After 6 weeks treatment with the QRS he.

reported: getting 3-4 hrs much more rest an evening, getting much less usual, less extreme, as well as shorter long lasting frustrations, losing his limp that arised from his hip and also backache and.

having more power via the day.".
Dr. Eckard Roehrich.

General Practitioner Amputee.
The patient has actually been a diabetic/ stroke/ amputee target for 6 and a half years, set up for a second amputation to have his toes eliminated. 6 months prior to the second.

amputation he dealt with pain, looseness of the bowels, chronic urinary system infections as well as the deterioration of essential functions started to set in. He wound up with his 2nd leg being.

amputated from the knee down, leaving him as a double amputee.

He began utilizing the QRS with terrific dedication in a retirement home, 1 week after the 2nd amputation. His overall health and also immune system, as well as his diabetes, maintained.

Within a month he returned home pain free. He had the ability to be mobile with a wheelchair and walking stick, leave medication, and not be a worry in the house. He stays pain and.

infection free with recurring usage of the QRS. His little girl claims "it has made it possible for favorable readjustment in our lives and also we are grateful.".

To learn more just visit the site for the QRS 101 Home System (PEMF) machine. Read comprehensive descriptions. Review requirements as well as attributes. Watch product presentations.

videos as well as video clip testimonials!

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