In the domain of Off Page optimization work, quality ´link building' assumes significant importance as it is one of the pillars of the entire Search Engine Optimization process. A website to be thoroughly and effectively optimised so as to be visible in the search engines, it is absolutely necessary to bring in good quality and high page value links from relevant or thematic sites. No wonder why all SEO professionals during the stage of site optimization concentrates on this particular aspect of SEO. It is a generally accepted fact that to boost your sites ranking and visibility in search engines like Google and Yahoo it is a must to fetch in good quality links for your site.


Before undertaking a complete link building activity it is very important to go for a keyword research or keyword analysis to identity the keywords or phrases that are the most searched for in regards to your business. It is through these keywords that you can hyperlink and thus direct links to your website from a relevant high page value website. It should be kept in mind while bringing in links that the site from which you are directing links to your site should have a minimum count of outbound links (OBL). This would not only help your business website to gain the reputation and importance in the eyes of Google but also help your site to attain the top most ranking in search engines. It is through a dedicated link building effort that a site can truly appear in the first page of search results. It is normally where a user or a customer is most interested as they seldom visit the next pages of search results. Therefore a website should be optimized in a manner to attract the maximum volume of visitor traffic whenever a search is performed for any relevant information by using a keyword. Complete link building thus plays a vital role in increasing the value and reputation of your website which in turn affects positively in ranking. One needs to understand the entire process of high end link building so that one can be aware of the importance of this Off Page optimization technique.

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