London, United Kingdom– Rainbow Prams strives to enhance the parent's baby transport experience with their top of the line and perfectly designed prams and other baby related products. Currently, buyers can choose from famous brands like Mikado and Dada Paradiso. Some other generic brands are available. The prams are sold under a minimum manufacturer's warranty of twelve months.


Rainbow Prams not only offers well known brands of baby prams, but even provides information, tips and tricks about which pram would suit the parents' needs the best. Buyers can choose from different types of baby prams, right from the baby travel systems, to twin prams and double prams. Apart from this, Rainbow Prams offers custom made baby prams as well as cheap baby prams, for those who are on a budget, or would like to buy something just to begin with.  Prospective users can also look at the swivel wheels and fixed wheel prams that are available.


Mikado prams. are hugely popular, and Rainbow Prams understands this, and therefore uses only the highest quality of resources and materials to build the pram. Rainbow Pram products are not just built for a simple stroll in the park, but also for some heavy duty traveling in the countryside.  The other products available are car seats and others.  The prams are sold as a complete set, along with the common accessories that make the pram complete.


Further, they provide information about how to choose a pram, and which pram would best suit the requirements of the parents. It also describes the different types of prams, which gives the potential user an idea about what the different types of prams are made for, and which would be suitable for them. Prams are quite an important part of babycare, as they ensure that the baby travels in a safe and sound environment.


Rainbow Prams delivers all over England, Wales and Scotland, also other countries and other parts of the world. It also accepts a host of paying options. Potential users can pay with their American Express, Visa and Master Card cards, and also pay through Sagepay and PayPal.


Potential buyers wishing to buy Rainbow Prams can log on to their website, and find out more about the different products that they are offering.  They provide a vast catalog online, which details out all the products that are available.