United Kingdom, April 5, 2014: Sculpting and moulding have long been the means of displaying fine arts skills. Artistically created sculptures have thronged royal courts and palaces since ages ago. The integration of advanced technology in creation of bespoke sculpture is the difference between the process of sculpting in this century and that a century ago. RapidArt is one of the leading names in casting and sculpting industry. The foundry has a pool of skilled, talented and experienced professionals and latest technology to create busts, signs, sculptures and architectural work by cost effective and precise casting of resin, iron, aluminium and bronze. 

Some of the incredibly imaginative architects, designers and sculptors as well as regular people constitute the clientele of RapidArt. The company specialises in bronze casting. The standard of metals as used by RapidArt is in compliance with international specifications. It is a well organised and professional foundry with different teams of workers. Co-ordination is given great importance as the difference between an ordinary piece of work and fine arts is the finesse with which the output is created. The company works in high co-ordination with designers and artists to execute the process of casting, welding, assembling and refining of custom bronze statues as per the requirement. 

Every project at RapidArt is assigned to a dedicated manager to ensure that the work progresses punctually and is completed on time without compromising the quality expected by the clients and customers. The bronze foundry maintains impressive standard of transparency and keeps artists fully updated about progress in each step and the overall progress scale. Other than fine arts casting, sand casting and lost wax casting works by RapidArt are also very popular. Lost Wax casting is an ancient technique that has been consistently refined and improved with the advancement of technology through ages. As a company in the 21st century, RapidArt has involves 3D print/scan and other new technology in arts creating industry. 

The enlargement of statues and statuettes is offered by RapidArt too. It is of great significance both because of the technology that is involved in it and the scope of possibilities that it opens. The original sculptures are 3D scanned to obtain their digital image, which can be scaled. 3D printers then precisely create the enlarged or shrunk replica of the art piece. RapidArt has produced several works, which encompass both original creation from the scratch and replication, for different customers and clients from all over the world. 

About RapidArt: 


RapidArt is a UK-based creative company involved in casting and creation of bronze sculpture for more than 20 years. It has connections with fabricators, moulders, sculptors and foundries in the UK, Europe and China. Its services are diverse, cost-effective and facilitate high degree of customisation.