SFhighrises.com is a realtor website focused on listing San Francisco luxury condominium and high rise residences. The new website provides buyers and sellers with tips on how to  prepare your high rise luxury condo  for sale or search the market to purchase.

The Realtor behind it, Robyn Kaufman, specializes in San Francisco high rise residences, with an extensive knowledge of real estate in South Beach, Rincon Hill, Mission Bay, SoMa and Yerba Buena. Thus, clients may list or view properties in these areas right on the website, buy luxury high rise apartments and suites or sell the same, for a record price per square feet.

The website listings display condominiums and various types of luxury units to satisfy any clients need. Visitors now have access to hundreds of properties matching the standard that is being advertized on the website. The properties are complete with marble floors, granite finish and other elements of luxury that make these locations prestigious and great for living.

The properties are to be found in 30-story buildings or higher, to ensure the best views over the city and a five star panorama. Besides, these are situated in central areas, which are close to the main points of interest, but at the same time walker friendly and safe. Clients can view listings in waterfront buildings, too.

Realtor Robyn Kaufman at Sfhighrises.com has an extensive San Francisco network, real estate business insight and an experience of 24 years in the market of luxury residences, all of these helping her make quick and easy transactions and maximum benefits for her clients. The listings available at sfhighrises.com/listings also display the most recent information on the market for both buyers and sellers, to help them make a decision on when to buy or sell a home.

About the company

Sfhighrises.com is the website of Real Estate agent Robyn Kaufman, who lists property in high rise buildings and maintains a close relationship with developers in the region.

To view the latest additions and find out more, visit sfhighrises.com

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