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ive to think that we farmers enterprises to enter, first we have work to play making money. Yet when all kinds of bad news, the first government to farmers’ land Mandatory pricing, 500 y.Red Bottom Shoesuan to 100 yuan mu grassland, farmland -800 mu. To recover the permanent trees regardless of size shall be 5 y.uan, the placement of the conditions of the villagers is the land acquisition accounts for more than half the number of buildings set to 70 square meters, 30 acres of water to less than .Christian Louboutin Red Bottoms Shoeshalf of any placement, while the government issued an unwritten rule “Six are not allowed “.. (Not allowed to build a house, not allowed to drill wells, allowed to newly developed land, allowed to graze are not allowed to deforestation …) basically summarizes the six are not.christian louboutin discount shoes allowed to farmers only own land waiting for the government 100 yuan mu the “high price” ser.iously infringe on the lifestyle with the return of farmers and herdsmen sunrise and sunset. town government “are not allowed to” set the people of life and death regardless of the robb.Christian Louboutin Shoes on Saleer practice to ask a farmer to keep his land will not allow dry, the future source of income wh.ere go on like this our life secure doing nothing all day, had become the the vagrant town intact. the introduction of foreign investment enterprises, what is the purpose Is it in order .Cheap Red Bottom Shoesto let people bleed tears, so that the town all live in villas in the bulging pockets of government offici.als, the town government officials, everyone has the luxury car ride, everyone access to high places of land for farmers and herdsmen in: in March 2004, the town government first used i. kan04li0514jia llegal means to Song Pengfei a 11 grasslands levy to go two (contract), and secondly, again the contract is invalid to any placement, once again interfere in the cou.rt not to file, resulting in the Song Pengfei one so far displaced by doing odd jobs to maintain their livelihood, life has been unable to protection, petition of eight years, numerous .times to find the relevant departments, but not to resolve, know that recently, staff, adorned with murderous hands of innocent lives in your hands is white stamp off, with no guilt, n.o humanity, all day long thinking, calculating patient, calculating the money out of medical malpractice, not management does not believe that the rogue, one mind, to deal with patients., joint action, put to death to reach the goal, never give up. Simply, the medical workers of sorrow, the sorrow of the whole community. Tough battle, living death. N surgery feeling he.artbroken heaven full of stars sparkling crescent moon, the night enveloped the city hospital, difficult to calm my heart, thought of this surgery, the pain, really can not afford the r.eal living death, really want from ten The third floor jump trouble. Standing on the 13th floor of the two tears dripping down to see the crowds, the heart is very sad, full of scars, b.ut also safety and drainage tube, weakness, body aches head blown up, and hurt my body, hurt me organs. Live in 138, the real living death and wanted to jump off an early good relief, a.nd the N operations, the more the more serious medical, so dragging, not treatment, not for me, all day long to rack their brains to to death. Outside of the sun, the heart has long been. icing, there is the conscience of health care The moral in there I rely on the drainage pipe alive, when we can, when can I cure of the disease, to be the conscience, it is medical eth.Christian Louboutin Discount Shoesics. The drainage tube wear for four years, how can I do Daily bear the mental torture, physical torture, skinny, Land of the Dead, Tears of Blood help, Tears of Blood to help everyone’s attention, I really need everyone’s help. Day as a day, I had Ã¥¥½Ã¦Æ’¨ they come together to fix me. The whole of my Ã¥¥½Ã¦Æ’¨, justice there, just there, I implore, I implore you for your attention and forward, otherwise I have only been to death. If I die, that is, Rayong harm his patients to live scraping, scraping die you to death you do not step into my footsteps, regrets are too late to hurt the family, but also hurt the family now to suffer, sooner or later ha