UK based content marketing and social media agency, Red Rocket Media, has won an award for 'Best Use of Facebook in a Content Marketing Program’, presented by the globally recognised Content Marketing Institute. 

The prestigious award was given for their Britain’s Best Office Dog competition which was a campaign launched to not only increase brand awareness and engagement on social media but also to prove that even seemingly irrelevant content can drive significant results to a business. 

The two month campaign, which involved the public voting via Facebook for the dog they wanted to win, led to: 

- An increase in Facebook reach from 9.1k to 418.2k 

- An increase in Facebook engagement levels from 5% to 40% 

- An increase in website visits from 5,173 to 12,786 

This year’s Content Marketing Awards were referred to as “a blizzard of 800 entries submitted by some of the best brands and marketing agencies from around the world. The work that emerged victorious is as inspiring as it is stunning.” 

Matt Hopkins, Managing Director, commented: “We are absolutely delighted to have won this award, particularly as it reflects the importance of relevant content when it comes to social media success. As a business, we strongly believe that if you want your content to get results, it must emotionally connect with your audience. The office dog competition was not in the slightest bit relevant to our line of business yet interesting enough to our audience to make it become highly relevant.” 

About Red Rocket Media: 

Red Rocket Media is a social media and content marketing agency. With a team of in-house journalists and social media experts, they provide companies with a wide range of commercially-neutral content for their websites and ensure that it achieves maximum exposure, engagement levels and ROI on social media. 

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