The spine can be likened to the trunk of a tree, serving as the central axis that connects to all the various components of the tree. Just as a weak trunk hinders the production of flowers and fruits, issues with the spine can lead to discomfort and limitations. Back surgery is a procedure aimed at altering a patient's anatomy, such as removing a herniated disc that causes pain, with the goal of providing relief. There are different types of back surgical procedures, ranging from minimally invasive techniques that facilitate quick recovery to more extensive procedures that require longer recovery times.


A healthy spine supports the body and enables free movement. Top spine surgeon Dr. Hitesh Garg Gurgaon specializes in treating various spinal conditions, with expertise in cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine surgery. Artemis Hospital spine surgeon Dr. Garg Gurugram possesses extensive experience in the latest advancements in spinal care, including up-to-date minimally invasive surgery techniques. Patient care is his top priority, focusing on accurate diagnosis and providing the most suitable surgical or nonsurgical treatment options. From diagnosis to treatment planning to postoperative care, the top spine surgeon Dr. Hitesh Garg Gurgaon combines cutting-edge technology like disk replacement and minimally invasive techniques with traditional open procedures to create a customized treatment plan tailored to each patient's needs.

Drawing upon expertise in non-surgical and minimally invasive approaches to spinal treatment, Artemis Hospital spine surgeon Dr. Garg Gurugram recognized as the best spine surgeon in India, often assists patients in achieving pain relief without resorting to surgery. His compassionate care and exceptional skills have consistently earned him recognition as a top spine surgery specialist in India year after year. Top spine surgeon Dr. Hitesh Garg Gurgaon is dedicated to providing outstanding surgical services to ensure optimal patient care and clinical outcomes. Artemis Hospital spine surgeon Dr. Garg Gurugram strives to surpass patient expectations by delivering targeted, high-quality care. Compassion and integrity are at the heart of his practice, reflected in the personalized care he provides. From relatively straightforward issues like disc herniation to complex conditions such as spinal tumors, scoliosis, and failed back syndromes, our surgical team focuses on addressing the unique needs of each patient. As a minimally invasive spine surgery specialist in India, top spine surgeon Dr. Hitesh Garg Gurgaon is passionate about helping patients find relief from back and neck pain, enabling them to return to their everyday lives with comprehensive care delivered through leading-edge spine surgery techniques and innovative technology.

When distance is no obstacle and you're willing to travel halfway around the globe to a captivating and historically rich destination like India for healthcare, spine and neuro surgery service India presents enticing options and remarkable advantages, whether or not you and your family are medically insured. Spine surgery in India offers significant cost savings while ensuring medical and surgical precision, as well as comprehensive post-surgical follow-up. Spine and neuro surgery service India is committed to ensuring your medical travel experience is both successful and memorable by arranging local sightseeing activities during your stay.

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