A vasectomy reversal procedure is also known as vasovasostomy, which is basically a surgical procedure to undo a vasectomy. Vasectomy is induced infertility among male candidates which is generally conducted as a birth control mechanism. But in certain situations, if someone wants to regain fertility for some reason, Vasectomy reversal surgery is the only option for them. The male fertility can be restored by reconnecting the ends of the severed vas deference or vasa deferentia. This reversal surgery can be conducted through microsurgery also; here the tubes are reconnected to restore the passage for sperm to be ejaculated out the urethra are usually accomplished with micro-surgical technique. Vasectomy reversal surgery India can be conducted through any of the two procedures, such as Vasovasostomy and Vasoepididymostomy. The reversal surgery process depends on the location of the vas deferens. After Vasovasostomy, the fertility comes back within 4 to 6 months, but for vasovasostomy, it could take 6 to 12 months before sperm return. This is minor but critical surgery to restore the dissected ends of the vas deferens.

Vasectomy reversal surgery success rates depend on many factors like how much time has passed between the vasectomy and the reversal Reversals, the site of the vasectomy, age and health condition of the person, the skill of the doctor, a lifestyle many more. The Vasectomy reversal surgery success rate is higher in those men had their vasectomies performed within the past five years and the disruption of the vas deference farther away from the testicle; the success rate decreases with the increase in age. The rate of success in India is quite impressive – and the credit goes to some of the best infertility research centers and hospitals across the country.

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