In the summer of 2012, Canada has seen a considerable slow down in the real estate market especially in the residential properties due to the restrictions laid on mortgage lending and introduction of certain guidelines. Initially, it was a scare to the real estate industry professional but records has shown that people still kept buying homes. The situation has just stressed that people will continue to buy homes as long as the cost of the mortgage financing remains at an affordable price.

Amidst all the confusion and debates in the real estate industry, a certain real estate company called Bouma managed to single handedly increase the sales activity in Durham region and the Greater Toronto Area during the spring alone. Most of the properties in Durham that Bouma managed to sell were residential properties bought by first time buyers with a strong financial stability.

The Buoma real estate company is a brokerage run by a father and son team. With over 33 years of experience in the real estate industry the company has managed to be included among select the top 1% of all the real estate agencies. The company records that by the beginning of this year, the Durham region has witnessed a widening gap between the affordable condominium market and the other residential attached homes.

Surprisingly, first time buyers preferred investing in condos encouraged by the 1% drop in prices over the past year. Other general reasons for this budget buy is due to the fact that maintaining the yard and other open and free spaces that mostly comes with large residential properties. Another batch of condo buyers this year came from retirees and full time workers who live alone. Condos provide the desired comfort and luxury while they are easy to maintain with very little unused space around the property. To get more information on this please go to


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