24 July,2013: Mark Tull, one of the finance industry’s most respected and authoritative experts, has recently launched his very own website via which he will offer pearls of wisdom and reach out to his fan base.

The new Internet site, which is called 'Mark Tull Money’, is essentially a blog that will feature posts about all things relating ti finance — from topics such as 'Four Problems That Can Be Solved With Invoice Finance’ to common problems for the regular Joe, such as how to get a great deal on an ISA.

Mark Tull, who lives in South London, said: “This new website, Mark Tull Money, has been set up as a platform to advise everyone — from businesses to my next door neighbour — on how to best cope with their finance issues.

“I am particularly interested in helping out SMEs (small-to-medium size enterprises) in the UK, as it is these type of businesses which hold the keys to a prosperous economy in the future.

“However, the irony is that it is these kind of businesses which are currently struggling the most in our fragile economy.

“Therefore, if we are to kick start our economy, we need to give SMEs as much help as possible — that is why I tend to cover issues such as Invoice Finance and Asset Based Lending quite frequently.”

Mark Tull studied Finance and Accountancy Management at the University of Bristol, after which he went on to work for one of the world’s leading banks. He now earns a full-time living as a finance blogger and journalist.

For more information on Mark Tull — his expertise as well as his career in finance — head over to http://marktullmoney.wordpress.com. Alternatively, to get in touch with Mark Tull, contact him via the contact form on the website, or connect with him via his Google Plus page.

About Mark Tull:

Mark Tull is one of the world’s most respected finance experts and online bloggers. For the best finance advice there is, from personal finance to topics such as Invoice Finance and Asset Based Lending, be sure to get in touch with Mark Tull.

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