15/01/2020, Delhi: Retinitis Pigmentosa is not an individual disease but a group of rare inherited disorders that affect the eyesight and may eventually lead to blindness. This disease specifically affects the retina of the eye. This generally happens due to a harmful mutation of more than one out of fifty genes that are usually involved in this disorder. The mutated genes cause mal-formation of the photoreceptor cells of the retina. Some even can hamper the function of the photoreceptor cells. Even the mutation may sometimes produce a type of toxin that may be harmful to the rod cells or they may produce a type of protein that does not even function properly at all.

Different types of Retinitis Pigmentosa tretment in India are conducted. Commonly used treatment procedures are:

Use of Vitamin A Palmitate: Application of a high dose of vitamin A can help to slow down the progression of the disease each year. But long term use of high dose vitamin A can be toxic and may turn out to be lethal.

Retinal Implant surgery: If the progression of the disease is in its final stages, then the patient may be suggested to undergo retinal implant surgery to salvage the remaining eyesight left so the patient may have at least partial vision.

Use of a Sunglass: This is not a cure to the disease or can’t even reduce it, but it will help with the patient’s vision. An RP affected person suffers from light-sensitive vision, and the use of sunglass may avoid further damage to the retina by avoiding the harmful ultraviolet ray of the sun.

Acetazolamide: This is a medication that can help to reduce the swelling of the retina and improve the vision.

Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy: This process involves injecting retinal progenitors into the vitreous. These cells release proteins that help to keep the patient’s existing vision and prevent any further degeneration. Some of the patients even can regain some vision through this treatment.

Every year, numbers of patients come to India to restore their vision through the affordable eye treatment available here and return home with better eyesight.

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