Orlando, FL — November 27, 2015 — RFID Vault media representative, Kate Rutherford, announced that the firm will be offering substantial discounts on its credit card protectors on Black Friday. Available exclusively on Amazon, the RFID Vault sleeves provide individuals with protection from RFID scanners used by the unscrupulous to read credit cards, passports and driver’s licenses.

“People are at risk from RFID data thieves all year, but the holiday shopping season is a particularly dangerous time,” said Rutherford.

RFID Vault’s protectors block the signals emitted by RFID enabled cards, preventing portable skimmers from reading the information they contain. The sleeves are lined with a specialized lightweight material that shields cards, making them invisible to RFID thieves. The sleeves are sold in a set of 12 credit card protectors and come with two sleeves for passports.

Cards and passports fit easily into the RFID Vault sleeves with no need for cutting or trimming. They can be placed in a pocket, purse or wallet where they’re close at hand. The sleeves work to protect cards and passport information, even when they’re tucked inside luggage or a diaper bag.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are placed in credit cards, enhanced driver’s licenses, passports, and security identification to provide an extra level of protection for consumers and in the name of national security.

Credit cards are at increased risk from people who use portable RFID readers to steal the information embedded in the cards, especially during the holiday shopping season. Portable skimmers are small enough to fit in a briefcase or backpack and can read RFID chips from as close as 3 ft., with the most sophisticated models able to read chips from 600 ft.

RFID enabled readers are in stores, travel terminals and kiosks around the world. They generate a unique number when a credit card with an RFID chip is used. It provides an enhanced level of safety during checkout, but data thieves don’t need to be near their target to steal credit card information.

The special deals for Black Friday offered by RFID Vault provide consumers with an easy and affordable way to protect the information embedded on their credit cards, driver’s licenses and passports. The sleeves provide essential protection from data thieves throughout the year and come with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee (amazon.com/RFID-Blocking-Sleeves-Protector-Protection/dp/B0150T0AI2).
RFID Vault is a brand dedicated to protecting your bank without breaking it! Keep your personal information stored on bank cards, credit cards, drivers licenses and passports safe a secure. We are dedicated to providing quality RFID products and personal customer service.
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