Rick Perovich’ Soul Salvation

Soul Salvation -from Rick Perovich, bassist and guitarist from Trieste known in particular for being the co-author of the hits of the New Killer Stars “Tosca’s “- has been just released!

Rick Perovich

A work from the rock sound enhanced by a style w/alternating riffs typically indie-rock ballads that recalls the tradition of classic rock songs and able to reach a youth spent listening to grunge music. The debut EP contains 4 unreleased tracks: a more indie-rock version of ” Suspicious Minds” by Elvis Presley that highlights his passion for The Pelvis. The former drummer of Elisa and Prozac+, Carlo Bonazza, plays on a couple of tracks.

Rick Perovich

A hard rock flavor entirely his own, born of the “need to play my music without any filter, from the need to just do my thing, no ifs and buts”. The songs on Soul Salvation describe the mood of the musician at the time of the troubled realization of his debut, generated by a spirit of revenge and results of the awareness of a long experience as a bassist, guitarist, composer and arranger in the underground rock scene of his hometown of Trieste. “For more than 15 years – remember Rick Perovich – I was a bass player with license arrangements, writing, choirs while cultivating the study of the guitar and singing. Arrived at this particular point in my life -transformed with the arrival of my daughter- and my career, to be a singer had become the priority”. And short-coming, “a videoclip and a full-length album”.

Rick Perovich

Soul Salvation, the first work by Rick Perovich, is filled of sounds ranging from rock and classic rock to indie, born from the experience gained over the years being musician (bassist , guitarist, songwriter and arranger) in the underground rock of Trieste, the city where Rick was born.

In his musical background you may recognize the sound very ’90s grunge and rock, especially noticeable in the use of the voice. Energetic pieces marked by aggressive riffs (Soul Salvation, No panic) and then enjoy typical American-style ballads (Unloaded gun, Everyday) .

Soul Salvation (Blue Tattoo Music) was recorded and mixed at Fandango Recording Studio in Trieste by Andrea Bondel and Rick Perovich and mastered at Eccentric Records of Trieste by David Rizzatti .