Riding Airwheel Z5 intelligent fast electric scooter in Spring

19, April 2016: The beautiful spring brings blossom of flowers and picturesque scenes which encourages people to enjoy and play in the sunny spring. The central park in New York is such a good place for those busy city people. For those who live or work near the park, they would like to choose some convenient and fast transportation to the destination. Airwheel Z5 is the electric scooter which is quite suitable for people to travel between the Central Park and company or home.


Airwheel Z5 focuses on the comfort and convenience for the riders. The electric scooter weights only 14 kg which is easy to be picked up by the adults. It is also equipped with triple folding system, riders just need to press one button to fold the scooter. Riders can put Airwheel Z5 into the trunk or take it to the elevator or their office easily. In the noon or at weekends, riders can ride the 2-wheeled electric scooter to the Central Park which can avoid traffic jam, save time and take the riders to the destination without any extra walk. As a result, people can go to the park to enjoy the natural scenes quickly and happily, even office workers can get rest in the busy workday.


Besides, the battery of Airwheel Z5 is of modularization which is easy to change. The part of battery is also equipped with USB connector, so riders can charge their cell phone or listen to the music on the way of riding. Some young people would like to walk in the Central Park to enjoy the pretty moonlight. To guarantee the safety of riders, Airwheel Z5 is equipped with headlight to ensure that riders can see the road condition easily to avoid possible dangers or accidents.

With the electric standing scooter, people are willing to go to the Central Park to enjoy Spring and step into the sunshine as well as enjoy the beautiful moonlight at night.

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