28, January 2017: Airwheel E6 citizen e bike is becoming a new popular daily commuting tool in many crowed cities like Mumbai in India. The small size and light weight of Airwheel E6 intelligent e bike enables Indian people to commute faster and easily in face of heavy traffic in Mumbai, especially during rush hours. Airwheel E6 smart e bike has become a favorite to many young people.

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In such populated metro like Mumbai, heavy traffic becomes a real headache for many foreign visitors in Mumbai. However, with the new invention Airwheel E6 battery operated bicycle, both Indian people and foreign visitors are able to commute more freely and easily. The cute and smart design of E6 intelligent e bike makes riding a prior choice in Mumbai.


Indian people love riding with bikes in Mumbai as riding bikes is considered to be economical and more flexible. Airwheel E6 folding electric bike is becoming a favorite for both local Indian and those oversea visitors to Mumbai. The bodywork of E6 smart e bike is small and cute, and people can ride more flexibly and easily through those crowded and congested roads or move smoothly across the sluggish moving traffic flow. Besides, the delicate and tiny E6 smart e bike can be further collapsed into much smaller sizes and can be taken away by riders with backpack. This helps to realize a flexible and easy commuting in Mumbai.


Indian people are living with a high-paced life and they all pursue the speed for daily commuting. That’s why most males like riding with motor bikes because speed can provide passion. Airwheel E6 battery operated bicycle is powered by premium lithium battery as well as wheel hub motor, so the E6 intelligent e bike can reach the largest speed of 20km/h, and this speed is amazing for riding bikes. Instead of physical cycling, people are able to enjoy a speedy riding experience with E6 electric folding bike. The speed is fascinating to many Indian riders.

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Most importantly, Airwheel E6 enables riders to commute environmentally-friendly as E6 smart e bike is powered by battery electricity and this also helps to improve the air quality in Mumbai as people take on green and low-carbon daily commuting. Riding becomes easy and elegant with Airwheel E6.

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