31, January 2017: Compared with traditional electric bikes, Airwheel R5 citizen e bike is a brilliant Airwheel product with multiple functions. Equipped with high tech advances, Airwheel R5 electric folding bike enjoys a combined functions for commuting, entertainments as well as battery charging. The tiny and cute R5 city electric bike shows great functionality.

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Due to the advanced design details of R5 electric moped bike, riders can not only ride R5 citizen e bike for daily commuting, but also enjoy riding for pleasure and physical exercises. Riding bike is no longer a monotonous activity, instead, it has become an enjoyment both for daily commuting and riding for fun.


As a new typed citizen e bike, Airwheel R5 works as a brilliant daily commuting tool for most riders. With premium lithium battery and wheel hub motor, Airwheel R5 electric moped bike can easily reach large riding speed and relieve riders from physical cycling. Riders are able to enjoy a speedy and very labor-saving riding experience with R5 electric assist bike as the bike is well powered by sustainable electric power. Besides, the speed can be well monitored by riders as they choose among different riding models. When the riders prefer to ride with relatively faster speed than physical cycling, the semi electric-powered model will be the most appropriate riding models for riders.


Apart from daily commuting, Airwheel R5 electric power bicycle can be useful for fitness keep. Sometimes, people take on riding for physical exercise and keeping fit, so a physical cycling is also necessary. That’s why Airwheel R5 city electric bike keeps the traditional chain transmission in order to support non-electric riding model. Under non-electric riding model, riders are able to exercise via physical cycling. And this function is really fascinating to many Airwheel riders who take on cycling for fun and exercise.

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Airwheel R5 portable electric bike is also featured by humanized design style as the e bike provides many other value added functions for riders. For instance, Airwheel riders are able to recharge their electric devices through USB interface and this is really convenient for riders with a long-time riding as they do not need to worry about the power-out of their mobile devices. This humanized design of Airwheel R5 citizen folding electric bike helps riders to enjoy a carefree and wonderful riding experience.

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