Top 10 cosmetic surgeons in India say more patients are turning to non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures on their lunch breaks. Best hospital for cosmetic surgery in India offers a range of treatments with minimal to no downtime.

Rise of Lunchtime Cosmetic Surgery India

Top 10 cosmetic surgeons in India say more and more aesthetic patients are choosing non-surgical options and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. He says it’s a national trend toward quicker options that require little downtime. According to 2012 statistics from best hospital for cosmetic surgery in India, surgical procedures increased 3% from the previous year, and non-surgical options increased 10%. “We have definitely seen a surge,” Best cosmetic surgeons in India say, “and it has a lot to do with how effective these non-surgical treatments really are.”

Among the most popular, Top cosmetic surgeons in India says, is body contouring options that offer a viable alternative to liposuction. At best hospital for cosmetic surgery in India, they still performs minimally invasive Smartlipo™ for those who want the precision and dramatic results liposuction delivers. A treatment requires no recovery time and takes about an hour, and it can result in a 25% fat reduction on the abdomen, lower back, or thighs.

Other non-surgical body contouring options that 10 best cosmetic surgeons in India — and their patients — have adopted in recent years include cellulite treatments that use laser energy, massage, and vacuum suction to stimulate circulation and rid the body of the lumpy, dimpled appearance that commonly occurs on the thighs, hips, and buttocks. They also require minimal downtime, meaning patients can return to work or other activities immediately.

By far the most popular “lunchtime” procedure nationwide, though, is BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, with 8.5 million treatments in 2012, according to best hospital for cosmetic surgery in India. Much advancement have been made in recent years in the field of anti-aging injectable, top cosmetic surgeons in India says, and many patients he sees say they turn to such treatments as an alternative to facial plastic surgery. Best hospital for cosmetic surgery in India offers a custom procedure called a “Liquid Face Lift,” which combines BOTOX Cosmetic and injectable dermal fillers to take years off in much less than an hour, with very little to no downtime. “These procedures cost a fraction of the price of surgery, and the downtime is far less,” top 10 cosmetic surgeons in India says.

Although the “lunchtime” procedures are not as complex as plastic surgery, list of cosmetic surgeons in India cautions that patients should still seek qualified medical professionals to have them done. Some of the treatments can be found at day spas or similar facilities, but they are best performed under the auspices of a licensed physician.

“A licensed doctor has training in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, and so much more,” top 10 cosmetic surgeons in India says. “You’re not likely to find that level of knowledge and experience at a spa or salon. Patients are safest in a doctor’s hands, and the results are worth it.”






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