RJ Reynolds resents its online platform selling a range of Menthol Cigarettes

09, April 2016: They say that the last puff of a cigarette is better than a kiss, and surely smokers will agree with that. For generation cigarette smokers in USA and in other countries of the world have sworn by a brand of menthol cigarettes that was introduced way back in 1957 and continues to be the top selling product in its category. Smokers will testify to the fact that Newport cigarettes is the most popular brand of menthol cigarettes not only in the US but also in a host of other countries in the world.

Newport cigarettes are available in three broad categories namely 'Lights’, 'Medium’, and 'Full Flavor’. Each variety or category is retailed in soft packs of 85mm (king size), hard packs of 80mm (box) and 100mm that are available in both hard and soft packs. These varieties are sold in packs containing 20 and 25 cigarettes per pack respectively though the demand for the former packaging far exceeds that of the latter. Newport cigarettes are sold both online and offline in box packs or cartons. So, one can order Newport shorts cigarettes in box packs where each pack contains 20, 10, 30, 70, 60, 40, and 80 cartons. Of course, the customer can order packs that contain more or less cartons.

Smokers who have steadfastly stuck with the Newport brand will surely vouch for the high quality of the cigarettes that blend in the best grade of Virginia tobacco. They’re also very loyal to their brand also because the packs are available at competitive prices and also that deliveries are prompt once payment has been credited. Customers can also be rest assured that the product that is being delivered is 100% original with company packaging. The ordering process is as simple as it can get. For instance, a buyer intending to place an order for Newport 100s cigarettes box-pack of 100 cartons has to log on to http://www.marlbororedcigarettesonline.com/ , browse for the product he or she is looking for and then add the same to cart following selection.

Thereafter, contact details need to be keyed in, the payment option selected and order confirmed by forwarding the payment. There are two options of forwarding payments. One is via Western Union money transfer and the other is through bank transfer. In case you are paying through Western Union, you’ll need to mail the 10-digit mtcn# or if you’re routing the payment via bank transfer then you’ll have to specify the payment as living or livelihood expenses.

This technicality enables you to avoid paying commercial taxes levied by the Chinese government. The customer or purchaser will be required to send a facsimile of the bank transfer or email the mtcn# number if payment is forwarded via Western Union.

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Newport brand of cigarette owned by RJ Reynolds is the most admired menthol cigarette variety in USA and numerous other countries. The company is committed to shipping orders within a day of receipt of payments.

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