16 Nov 2019 - Delhi, If you’re one of the millions of people tormented by pain because of arthritis or an injury to the knee, and you haven’t experienced enough relief with conservative treatment options, minimally invasive knee alternative is probably the best option for you. The idea of a robotic performing surgery might sound like something from a science fiction film, but robots are more and more common sight in surgical suites. When it comes to few types of knee replacement surgeries, robots can help improve accuracy — which can mean better outcomes for patients. A growing body of evidence indicates that robot knee surgical treatment offers advantages over non-robotic procedures.

According to Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Best Robotic Knee Surgeon in India, “Minimally invasive knee replacement is like repairing a vehicle via the muffler in preference to opening the hood — it might be viable, but it's far more difficult. Modern surgical techniques are often refined to develop new ways to accomplish the goals of surgery while minimizing the side effects. When this procedure is carried out with the help of a robot arm, a CT scan is used in place of X-rays. CT imaging technology permits the surgeon to construct a 3-dimensional version of the joint. The surgeon then uploads the image to the robotic software system to set up a plan for the surgical treatment. All through the technique, the surgeon controls the robot arm, the use of the 3D version for steerage, and positions the implant in the precise location to ensure the correct leg alignment and soft tissue balance. The technology used to perform a robot knee replacement, known as the Mako® system or MAKOplasty®, permits the doctor to keep undamaged portions of the joint. This method to arthroplasty additionally offers some of the other benefits for the patient.”

The best robotic knee replacement surgery is being done by the top knee replacement surgeon in India and Padmashree recipient Dr. Ashok Rajgopal at the Fortis Bone and Joint Institute, Gurugram, he is a prolific surgeon with over 30,000 total knee replacement surgeries to his credit score. In addition, he has performed more than 15,000 arthroscopic surgical procedures for ligament maintenance and reconstructions. He has numerous firsts to his credit score — the first to carry out a bilateral procedure in India, the primary to use the gender implant (designed especially for woman sufferers). He effectively evolved instruments for MIS total knee replacement procedure which had been later patented with the aid of Zimmer and are utilized by knee replacement surgeons worldwide. His enduring ardour for training and advancing medical sciences has seen him win a number of awards.

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