Dr. SKS Marya best knee surgeon in India

"Robots aren’t taking over Dr. SKS Marya’s work, but they sure are providing a helping hand".

Dr. SKS Marya best knee surgeon in India says Stryker’s Mako robotic-arm assisted surgical operation technology has improved patient effects for partial knee surgical procedures in the beyond two years. Now, the generation is available for full knee replacements too.“Curiously, using robot generation is relatively new to orthopedic surgical procedure, having only come into the field within the last couple years,”Dr. SKS Marya best knee surgeon in India said.

With the robotic-assisted system, a surgeon in the operating room guides the robotic arm.“The technology offers much targeted anatomical data to the robotic arm. It permits for extremely particular slicing or burring of the bone,” Dr. SKS Marya best knee surgeon in India explained.

With the Mako system, first step is to take a CT scan is taken, and then its software creates a chart that lets in a health care professional to gain an understanding of the way “tight” or “loose” the patient’s knee is.The surgeon moves the leg round so the software can gauge the knee’s tension in diverse positions. This facilitates the healthcare professional locate the best position for the knee implant. It’s a scenario in which each millimetre topics. If the new knee is not placed in the actual spot needed, longevity and performance of the implant can be impacted.“There’s much less disruption of the soft tissue in the knee and we're able to make certain we've got an same amount of tension all through the range of movement,” he added. “We understand exactly what our tension is going to be on the end of the surgical treatment before we even start.”

“In the past decade, knee surgical treatment has advanced in other ways as well,” stated Dr. SKS Marya best knee surgeon in India, noting the fact that knee replacements are actually less invasive and require smaller incisions.The rehabilitation system, he said, has also advanced and now brings a more emphasis on the patient using the knee as fast as possible. Regardless whether or not it’s a complete or partial knee replacement, patients are required to walk on the day of surgery.

“Timelines for full recovery have shortened greatly within the past decade too, it’s not just one single factor, it’s all the things combined,” Dr. SKS Marya best knee surgeon in India said. “We definitely have come along way.”

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