Best spine and neurosurgery hospital Medanta India is one of the first hospitals within the country to use modus V, a hands-free, automatically managed virtual microscope that provides advanced visualization within the operating room. The device features a robotic arm with a high-definition camera that projects images of neuroanatomy on larger video display units. The machine is an opportunity to the conventional working microscope, a mainstay in present-day neurosurgery that functions as an ocular, or eyepiece, used by the doctor to look at magnified pictures of the brain. "This technology sets the stages for the following technology of digital image-primarily based neurosurgery," said neurosurgeon at best spine and neurosurgery hospital Medanta India. "The tool lets in us to have an enlarged view of the tissues that we're operating on and use a robot arm to regulate the location in a way that provides higher visualization." Modus V is evolved by Synaptive scientific Inc., a medical tool and technology company. The system is the cornerstone of Synaptive's Brightmatter platform, which integrates navigation, robot automation, a digital microscope, and data analytics.

"High-definition images of brain tractography, fibers in the central nervous system that control motion and feature, improve our ability to navigate inside the brain with our surgical devices," says neurosurgeon at Best spine and neurosurgery hospital Medanta India.

During a current case of a 46-yr-old patient with a glioma near the language part of his brain, he monitored and inspired the patient's language tracks during a surgical operation, which allowed him to keep speech as he removed the tumor. "As essential information streams into multiple viewpoints inside the operating room, similar to in the cockpit of a plane, the health care provider's purpose is to utilize that records and move beyond important systems, preserve neurologic function, and safely perform the operation," says Chair of the branch of neurosurgery at best spine and neurosurgery hospital Medanta India.

Best spine and neurosurgery hospital Medanta India is a leader in the use of augmented reality and navigation technology in the operating room. They say one benefit to projecting real-time snapshots of the brain onto a video screen is that information sources outside the microscope can be overlaid on the display. "This era takes us one step in the direction of our final goal of improving patient outcomes," says neurosurgeon at best spine and neurosurgery hospital Medanta India. Best spine and neurosurgical treatment hospital Medanta India device encompassing a tremendous network of ambulatory practices throughout India. Medanta’s vision is to provide the most secure care, the highest excellent, the very best pleasure, the best access, and the best satisfaction of any health system in the country.

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